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Calling All Fashionistas!!!

Do you share a love for all things related to fashion and beauty?  If you answered yes, this community is the place for you.  Sugar & Chique' is not just a blog, but an interactive environment that offers an inside look into today’s hottest trends in fashion and beauty. Our blog is your blog.  This means that our readers have an atmosphere where they can share their thoughts and express themselves. 

We would like to share a little about our background.  Growing up, we always dreamed of having a platform where we could showcase our talents while at the same time, providing an outlet to be a positive influence on this generation and beyond.


Launched in 2019, our personal style inspired the name of this blog. We enjoy combining our sweet Midwestern "girl next door" style with influences from the couture and edgy runway looks of New York City. We are here to uplift and inspire our readers while offering quality content on a wide range of topics. Join us on our journey as we provide daily posts that will engage as well as entertain. We absolutely love and appreciate each of our readers.

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