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2 Sense Shortie: My Dark Twisted Eyebrows!!! (Makeup Fail)

Yep, you read the title and now its time to explain. We knew nothing about the reality of harsh brows. Girrrl....we had our black eyeliner ready and no cares were given as to how we would look when we took matters into our own hands. It all started in high school. We would look at magazines and hoped to emulate the images that we saw of all of our favs. The likes of Mary J. Blige; Beyonce; Alicia Keys; and Aaliyah to name a few.

Let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with using a black eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows. It's all about technique. Our technique at that time included a heavy hand followed by "Nike sign" inspired "arches" or check marks. Either that or the McDonald's Arches we're still unsure. When we tell you that we had people asking why we always looked surprised. Smh! Sis the struggle was all the way real.

To be fair to ourselves, we were brand new at doing makeup. Oh the horror and the shame of those old high school pictures. This is the point in our post where we would insert those old pictures but, we wont do that to you our ourselves. For those of you out there that may know us from high school...the yearbook tells it all. We've learned a lot since then and one thing that is for sure is that we don't want anyone else repeating our mistakes. Keep reading below for some quick tips on what we've learned.

1. Don't have a heavy hand when filling in your brows

2. Use small light strokes that will mimic your eyebrow hair

3. Try to use a brow color that also matches the color of your hair. (Burgundy brows with blonde hair is not the look sis)

4. If you need a guide on how to line your brows, use

concealer along the arch of your brows to act as a stencil

Also, a spoolie brush and brow gel are a girl's best friend. Now that we've shared our makeup fail....we would love to hear about some of your most hilarious makeup moments. Feel free to like this post and leave your comments below. ❤

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