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2Sense Shortie: Am I Lowkey Becoming a Hater?

We were discussing this topic with a group of friends the other day when the idea came to us that we should turn our conversation into a short blog post for our readers. Of course, there won't be any personal information released about anyone that we spoke with in this post. We are simply discussing a topic that deals with how important self-worth is to all of us.

We began by talking about social media and how when we are online, we'll at times scroll past the pages of our friends and associates while viewing their accomplishments and fun times. Even though we are proud of our friends and loved ones and want to truly be happy for them, there are times when we start to feel that our own goals and accomplishments aren't enough in comparison to theirs.

It's definitely human nature to make comparisons even if we aren't intending for those comparisons to come with any ill will towards anyone. There may be a scenario in which you might have been talking with a friend for months about a vacation spot you both wished to visit, but instead they were finally able to go while you weren't.

In this situation, you would be happy for your friend but after seeing her post those amazing and fun pics onto Facebook or Insta, the feeling of FOMO (Fear of missing out) might start to seep in. Or maybe your friend finally got her business up and running and is showing off some cool BTS photos of the goals that she has accomplished while on the other hand, you are still trying to build your brand.

In comes those feelings that maybe you aren't doing enough and/or maybe even wondering how or why things seem to go so smoothly for others but not ourselves. We may have all even uttered phrases like "Must be nice" or "They sure are lucky". "Why can't we do things like this"? We may even feel a slight resentment even if we don't realize it, leading us to question why we feel this way and why we are triggered by seeing others' achievements.

This is where we must focus on self-worth. It's ok to feel a way about things and want more for ourselves but, we have to stop comparing ourselves to others and begin to be happy about all that we've also been able to accomplish thus far. If we are indeed truly happy for our friends let's celebrate them sincerely while keeping our focus on our goals and not allowing ourselves to feel "less than". We all have to continue to work on ourselves and self-esteem daily. Check out our post 2Sense Shortie: 7 Ways to Build Your Best Self Esteem Where we offer some really great tips.

Please leave a comment down below and feel free to join in on the conversation. We would love to hear your 2Sense.

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