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2Sense Shortie: Are Beauty Influencers a Thing of the Past?

In 2006, beauty influencers had everyone in a chokehold via YouTube. Giving us all the inside tricks on how to beat our face and mimic our favorite celebrity looks.

During this time, I can remember watching one of my favorite beauty guru's, Jackie Aina; who back then went by Lil_Pumpkin_pie05. She taught us black and brown beauties everything from eyebrows to concealer shades to black girl friendly foundations. She along side some our other favorites (Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA, Tati Westbrook, etc.) made sure we looked our best and were in the know of the latest beauty products. We would spend hours on YouTube watching video after video, technique after technique to get it just right and run to Sephora for the best products.

This had us thinking........what happened to the days of the beauty influencer? Today in 2022, there are so many well known and unknown beauty content creators who are showing off their skills in an 8-10 minute video. However, our favorite content creators have seemingly moved on to other business ventures, leaving the viewers to watch past videos on makeup trends and products. Could this be the beginning to the end. Maybe so, maybe not.

Beauty is an ever changing industry but it seems like everyone you meet is a makeup artist or a self appointed makeup enthusiast. Could it be that everyone at least has a basic beat down and no longer needs skill training? Like anything, maybe the beauty guru has become a thing of the past because we have taken the each one teach one approach.

There is so much information about how to do your makeup, which products to use, how to color correct, etc., that it is almost surprising when people say they cannot beat their own face.

Every influencer seems to be taking the lifestyle content approach (if they even post at all). The audience is more interested in seeing how you live, what you wear, and who you are outside of makeup.

Whatever the case may be, these days you can find our favs either on TikTok or Instagram, rebranding and creating new content. Some beauty related or some in a different direction. Either way, I think we, the viewers, are excited to see content that is more relatable and to see their growth. You never know, the beauty influencer may make a come back.

What do you guys think? Do you miss influencer content or do you think it's a thing of the past?

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May 23, 2022

I think eventually it will come back but at this point, right now especially with covid, everyone is more interested in how people are living.

Sugar & Chique'
Sugar & Chique'
May 23, 2022
Replying to

I think you are right! Maybe when people are more comfortable going to more events, beauty influence will make a come back. Hoping to see some of our favs.

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