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2Sense Shortie: Beauty Standards

We have finally reached a time in history where everyone is a little more excepting of all shapes, colors, and sizes. However, there are still people who truly believe the shape and size of a person equates to beauty.

This ideology was designed by the Eurocentric standards and how they are genetically built. The beauty standard here in America has always been historically favored as "White, thin, blonde hair, blue-eyed, and young.

As POC women, the beauty system was never designed to fit us. Our hair, our skin color, and our bodies are genetically different. It is true that most African American women have wider hips, small waists, rounder butts, plump lips, and fuller thighs. Which at one point was laughed at and ridiculed. Ironically, the beauty standard changed to that of Afrocentric features. The wide hips, small waist, big butt, plump lips, and fuller thighs have become popular over the last 10 years. The only problem is said the features look much better when they are attached to White or lighter skinned women.

In today's society, the BBL (Brazilian butt lift) and 360 Lipo culture has taken over and almost everyone has fallen victim to this trend. Whether it's going under the knife yourself or watching in admiration. The average Instagram model can be seen with this unnatural body shape and are being praised for having full, plump lips. However, Black women, who were born with these bodies are still shamed for the same features people are literally dying for.

So, why is this the standard and the blueprint is being demonized for its authenticity? Society has a way of draining Black women and women of color for our natural features all the while making us feel bad about being born with them in the process. The psychological effects that it can have on Black women and women of color can last a lifetime. Leaving us to feel ashamed and confused.

So how do we fix this backwards standard of beauty? Representation DEFINITELY matters. We are making strides to take a stand and show society it is ok to be exactly who you are. Big, full lips are beautiful. Wide hips are beautiful. Freckles and gaps in the teeth are beautiful. It is ok to be different and show the world there are is beauty in everyone. No matter the shape, the size, or color of the person. You set the the standard. You are the trend. It helps to see other people who look just like you which in turn, helps to build confidence. If we continue to show the world that beauty is not a one size fits all standards, then maybe we will learn to except ourselves.

What do you feel are your best features?! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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