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2Sense Shortie: Is "cuffing season" still a thing?

So we all know this. EVERY.........SINGLE...........YEAR you hear about people suddenly entering into relationships instead of staying in summer flings just because it's (YOU GUESSED IT) CUFFING SEASON!

First, let me explain what "cuffing season" actually is for those who may not understand what this means. Cuffing season is defined as "the period of autumn and winter, when single people are considered likely to seek settled relationships rather than engage in casual affairs”. It's kind of like a summer fling around the holiday season.

For whatever reason, people do not want to be alone during the winter/holiday season. By alone, I mean without a relationship. Usually around the holidays you will see people getting engaged especially around Christmas and New Years. I'll admit, I too got engaged on Christmas Eve.

Maybe its the idea of getting a gift during that time as well. Everything seems to be back to back. You have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and (if you make it that far) Valentine's Day, and yes.....TAX SEASON! Seriously, it's such a thing for people to stick around for tax season, look it up.

There are several reasons people may stick around in meaning less relationships especially around this time of year. Some people even say there are some who stick around to have a place to stay (how embarrassing). The point is cuffing season should be a thing of the past right?!

With all the hype surrounding "relationship goals" and "self work" I mean is it still such thing as cuffing season or have we moved on?! One thing I can say the panorama has taught us is to put yourself first. Over the past year and some change, the mental work to heal past traumas and to increase our growth as a person should take up most of our time. I can't speak for everyone but I do know most of us are no longer afraid of being alone.

In fact, there have been an increase in self-dating, solo travel experiences, and just having time spent at home doing self care I think we are on the right path to doing better by ourselves. The days of having meaningful relationships are upon us. Imagine wasting your time on someone who is not worthy of you or who just abuses your time.

If its one thing the panorama should've taught us is that time is valuable and so are you. So in my opinion, cuffing season is over with..........unless of course you have found someone worthy of being cuffed with.

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