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2Sense Shortie: Popping Bottles during a Pandemic? (Bday Edition)

It seems like such a distant memory now even though technically it hasn’t yet been a year. I know we’re not alone when we say that this year has been quite the emotional roller coaster.

We are already in Virgo season which means it’s both of our birthdays!!! With the global pandemic still being a major factor in everyday life, our birthdays will have to be celebrated a little differently this year.

Andrea Patrice

Last year while Andrea spent her birthday locally having a fun night out on the town, I celebrated my birthday out in beautiful Las Vegas. Those of us who have been there know that it is the perfect spot to ring in any major celebration. I can barely describe all of the fun that I had on this trip. I shopped; visited a few vegan restaurants; and took in as much of the nightlife as possible.

There were no face masks in sight and the term "social distancing" at that time, would have sounded like something straight out of a science fiction movie. This pandemic has forced a lot of us to become creative. Celebrating our birthdays this year will definitely be no exception to that.

Since we're keeping things low key this year, we plan to:

  • Spend time with family

  • Treat ourselves to an at home spa day

  • Shop online

  • Watch all of our favorite movies.

  • Stuff our faces with our favorite foods and deserts

If you've recently had a birthday or if you have a birthday coming up, we want to wish you a happy birthday!!! You can also show us some birthday love by leaving us a comment on our Instagram page: @sugarandchique . Let us know what you have done or plan to do for your birthday this year. 💕

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