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2Sense Shortie: Would you pay on the first date?

Dating is always chaotic in my opinion. You have to kiss a bunch of frogs just to get to the prince. Yet through the chaos, dating can be fun You get a chance to get to meet new people and sometimes even make friends along the way. But sometimes the dating scene can lead to some memorable moments especially if they are bad.

However, when it comes to dating the question always remains "who pays on the first date?" Now, I am an old fashion kind of gal who believes a guy should pay on the 1st date ESPECIALLY if he is the one who asked ME out. In today's society, things are a bit different. Some women don't mind paying the tab as a whole or going dutch.

So let me share a quick story time and you let me know what you think:


(this is based of a true story and the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

I went on a date with this young man who we'll call 'Cash' (you know, to protect the innocent). I met him while out with some friends. He seemed like a gentlemen and was very sweet. 'Cash' and I spoke on the phone a few times before he actually asked me out on a date. I agreed and we set a time and date to meet at local restaurant because no he was not coming to my house, hunny! Anyway, I get to the restaurant and I waited..........and waited..............AND WAITED. Finally, 'Cash' shows up and says he had some car trouble and thats why he was late. (Not sure why he didn't answer when I called to see where he was, but I let it go). We had a good time and great conversation. We laughed and talked for a few hours. Finally, the waitress comes over and says "I will just set the ticket here and whenever you are ready let me know." 'Cash' (WITH A SERIOUS FACE) says "hey, you got me?!"

It was at this moment I knew, the night was over. The crazy part is I paid for the meal and walked out.....smh.

If it helps, we never spoke again. He would call but I changed my number shortly after that night.

Now, I know some men think its about the money but for women its about the creativity and the thought of the date. If you are worried about finances, you can plan a simple yet romantic outing for you and the one you are courting. In my experience though, some people are not that creative with the dates. However, we were kind of forced into thinking outside the box in 2020, so that may have changed.

The moral of the story is: Don't ask me out if you are not going to pay.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Please leave a comment below and share an experience you may have had or if you agree/disagree.

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