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4 Natural Hair Looks That Never Fade

The natural hair movement is a way to celebrate our beauty through the hair we were blessed to have grow out of our scalps as is. As African Americans, our crowns have always been a way to express ourselves and our personal style. In some cases it was a way to make a statement and was also used as a means for survival. We have come a long way with our style choices but on thing is for sure, there are a few hairstyles that will never go out of style.

Thee Afro Almighty

The afro is a timeless hairstyle that represents Black beauty in all its natural state. It was also once used as a way to make a statement both personal and political. As Black women, the afro IS how our hair grows out of our heads. It defies gravity. It speaks for itself. It demands attention. The afro represents strength, pride, empowerment, power, and to some (in the civil rights movement in the 60's) a symbol of rebellion as it defied European beauty standards. Make no mistake about it, the afro is often imitated but never duplicated. According to our standard of beauty, the afro is one style that will never fade. All you need to achieve this look is a pick, a sheen spray, and your hands to help give it it's circular shape and you are good to go. However, the style is at it's best when it is done with 4b-4c hair texture but it will still look amazing on my curly girls.

Thee Braided Kings and Queens

Braids have been around since the beginning of time. Fun fact: It was even used as a way to map out travel routes and also to hold grains of rice for survival. (A simple Google search will confirm and show you the history of braids in our community.) There are hundreds of braided styles to choose from. From box braids, to cornrows, to twist braids; these styles will never fade and will continue to be a trend throughout generations. Braids can be worn long or short and they can worn in an array of colors. One things for sure you can definitely tap into your creative side with braids. One fan favorite is adding embellishments such as beads, seashells, and decorative string. Braids will always make a statement and complete any outfit without any real effort at all. Braids will usually last up to 4-8 weeks if cared for properly and also depending on the braided style.

Thee Loc'd Love

One thing about it, we love choosing braids, locs, or faux locs as the perfect go to vacation style. Which makes sense because this style is often associated with the islands/Caribbeans. Loc's can be dressed up or casual. It can also be styled with elegant accessories such as scarves, ties, beads, and other embellishments. This is also another style that was used as a political statement and also a spiritual statement to symbolize letting go of material things. Loc's can be maintained by washing them regularly. Some even use ACV (apple cider vinegar) as a way to cleanse and decrease any odor from products previously used. Also getting them re-twisted can keep your locs looking fresh and neat. Adding oil for shine also helps them to look their best and their healthiest.

Thee Twists Outs and Shouts

Twist outs are rather new to the bunch but they stand on their own when it comes to natural styles. Achieving this look is rather simple. By using products that will moisturize and also help assist your natural curl pattern within the style. All you need is your products and the ability to twist your hair. Some say using the 3 strand twist helps them to not only last longer but also given you a more defines wave one you have taken down the twists. This look has become a timeless classic because it not only looks amazing on adult women but it is beautiful on children. It does not make them look any older than what they are. You can also use this same method with braid outs by simply braiding your hair instead of twisting. The results are similar and just as gorgeous.

All of these styles are unisex, ageless, timeless, and oh so CHIQUE. Despite what anyone says, we set the trendsetters and we take the hair that was given to us and make it our own standard of beauty. Though each hairstyle is different they all serve a purpose in representing us, who we are and what we can do with our beloved crowns. The possibilities are endless but the styles mentioned above will always be staples. Whats your favorite style? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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