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5 Do's and Don'ts to Successfully Dress for your Body Shape

There is so much beauty in being human, as we all share the same traits where it counts, but we also have our own uniqueness. Having a good sense of what clothing looks best on you according to your unique body shape and size will enhance your overall confidence, especially when making those crucial first impressions.

How do I know what my shape is? Once I know my shape, what clothing should I choose for my shape? What are some things I should stay away from? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Keep reading to find out the 5 Do's and Don'ts to Successfully Dress for your Body Shape.



#1 Rectangle

If you have a rectangle body shape, you'll notice that your silhouette will be uniform or what our grandmother would often call "straight up and down".

Your shoulders and hips will be about the same width apart, and you may not have curves in your waist to hip area. A lot of tall beauties are known to have this body type.

This body shape is beautiful just like other body shapes however, if dressed incorrectly, you could end up looking a bit boxy. You should want your outfits to pop and accentuate your shape.


  • Definitely make sure to wear pieces that will define your waist. This includes wearing belts to cinch in your waist when wearing pants, skirts, and dresses

  • When cinching your waist, also play up the bust area

  • Peplum style tops and dress are perfect for this body shape as they can create a cinched waist and curves around the hips


  • Wearing any type of boxy shirt styles. This includes tube tops that don't accentuate the bust line but, just sit straight across the shoulders giving you a squared bust line. Or boxy t-shirts

  • Wearing any style jacket that cuts the waist. A nice, belted jacket, double breasted blazer, or structured jacket that sit right on the hips or hangs past the waist works well for this body shape

  • Wearing super flared trousers/jeans. The super flared out bottom of the trousers or jeans will further emphasis a boxy appearance and give an unbalanced look.

#2 Inverted Triangle

A person who fits into having an inverted triangle body shape will have shoulders that are broader than their hips thus creating a "V" shape but won't have large hips or a defined waist.

This type of body shape is typically common among women with athletic builds, but if you would like to still create a curvy silhouette, try wearing pieces that will balance your shoulders and hips while defining your bust and waist areas.


  • Accentuate your waistline

  • Show off those toned arms

  • Draw attention to your legs by wearing outfits that are two toned. Try wearing a darker color on top and a brighter color on the bottom

  • Keep the neckline of your shirts deep and narrow to soften the broadness of the shoulder line

  • Wear asymmetrical, scoop neck and halter tops

  • Wear bootcut pants/jeans


  • Wear tops that add weight to your shoulders (Shoulder padding)

  • Avoid shirts and jackets that make you look boxy or too top heavy

  • Wearing cropped shirts that cut you off at the waist

  • Skinny jeans or trousers. These types of pants will make you look smaller at the bottom and broad and top heavy above

  • Tight fitting skirts

#3 Hourglass

It often seems as if the hourglass is everyone's favorite body shape because of the popularity of famous favs who have the hourglass figure such as Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe, Selma Hayek, and Halle Berry to name a few. For decades it has been highly sought after especially in Hollywood and believed to be the most desirable.

A person who has an hourglass shape, can especially these days be defined as someone who has a full bust, "snatched" waist, with full hips and bottom. Although some may think having this shape is perfect, it still isn't without a struggle when it comes to finding the right clothing.


  • Definitely accentuate your waist

  • Wear clothing that continues to evenly balance your proportions from top to bottom

  • Wear good undergarments

  • Keep it simple. If drawing attention to the bust area wear a simple piece on the bottom such as a basic pencil skirt or pants that hug your waist and will show off your curves


  • Wearing boxy and loose unflattering clothing

  • Wide necklines on shirts

  • Double breasted jackets

  • Clothing that will overaccentuate your shape and make you look even more top or bottom heavy

#4 Apple

Often times this shape can be characterized with attributes that consists of a large bust area, full midsection and a non-existent waist. A person with an apple shape should be careful not to wear items that make them appear too top heavy. It is also important to look for clothing items that will elongate your legs and proportion your torso and waist especially if you have an apple shape and are shorter in height.


  • Accentuate your waist creating an illusion of one by wearing a belt and/or other clothing items that will split the waist and add a nice cinch

  • Wear a good bra that will add a nice lift and support to the bust area

  • Wear shirts that have low and wide necklines

  • Simple jackets that drape over your silhouette like a nice cardigan work very well

  • Flared trousers and jeans complement this shape well by making the legs appear more proportioned to the midsection


  • Don't wear clothing that is baggy

  • Wearing skinny trousers or jeans

  • High-waisted pants or skirts that cuts too much off the torso and makes your waist disappear

  • Boxy dresses that don't cinch the waist

#5 Pear

Now this shape.... we can relate to. As pears, we are known to have small shoulders and not be too busty, however, we carry a lot of weight in our hips, thighs, and backsides. The struggle has always been real when shopping for any types of pants, skirts, and shorts. Since also gaining a little weight in our midsections, it's been a bit harder to find those perfect fitting tops as well. Fingers crossed to getting our snatched waists back. If you are also a fellow pear like us, below are a few style tips.


  • Accentuate the upper body by wearing light colors, popping prints or fitted items

  • Wear a good bra in order to add a good lift and support

  • Wear shirts that fall at a length right at the hipline in order to add proportion

  • Wear flare and bootcut jeans/trousers

  • Wear dark colors on lower body to draw less attention to hips and thigh area


  • Wear items that will make you appear boxy

  • Don't wear wild prints and patterns on the lower body which can make the hips and thighs appear wider

  • Wear skinny trousers or jeans that cling to the thigh area making them appear wider

  • Unstructured jackets that end right at the hip


“I realize everybody wants what they don’t have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what’s on the outside.” Selena Gomez

Let us know in the comments what body shape you most identify with and any tips you may use when trying to shop for clothes. Also, leave us a ♥️ so that we know you enjoyed this post. 💕

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