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6 Popular Color Trends to Look Out for This Spring

Spring 2022 has finally arrived, and we're beyond excited!!! No doubt, fall/winter is one of our favorite seasons to wear our most fashionable looks, however, we feel that it is finally time to brighten things up. What better way to do that than with a post about "6 Popular Color Trends to Look Out for This Spring"?

In this post we'll explore what colors are going to be hot this season for clothes, shoes, and accessories alike. Let's take our wardrobes out of winter's cold grip and into the world of pastels and stunningly bright hues. Take a look at these colors below for a preview of what we can expect to see this spring.



#Think Pink

Pink is one color that you can count on to always show up on a list where spring colors are being discussed. Pink is bright, vibrant, and is known to have a "feel good" element to it. We're also a little biased about this shade because it is our favorite color however, there are several different shades of pink that will be popular in fashion this Spring.

We are absolutely in love with mauves, salmons, peachy pinks, dusty pinks, baby pinks, etc. We are seeing each of those shades being featured as part of a lot of brand's spring clothing collections. No matter the shade, this color is versatile in that it can be paired with most solid colors and still look fabulous.

The color pink can be worn at any time of the year, but when the flowers are in bloom, and the sky is bright, it just evokes those flirty, girly vibes that are sure to turn heads. Leave us a pink heart below if you also agree. ♥

#Mello Yellow

This color gives very much "peeps" vibes but, we LOVE it. Step into any room wearing this shade and see just how much it attracts stares. Yellow screams classic spring however, when paired with the right accessories this shade can be taken up a notch each time that you wear it.

Adding gold accessories to yellow will enhance its splendor and make the gold stand out even more, turning your ensemble into a golden statement. Just be sure to choose the right shade of yellow that will bring out your skin tone and will not give you a "washed out" appearance.

Yellow is edgy, chique, and timeless. We love to wear a cute yellow sundress paired with a pair of killer heels and a gorgeous handbag. A yellow blazer paired along with jeans, shorts, trousers, or skirts can add in a pop of color even where the dress code may call for a polished and professional look.

How gorgeous is this shade of purple? When we think of items we would love to have in this shade, we think of lilac nails, shoes, a cute fedora, jewelry, and even our hair. Just as with any color we've included on this list, lilac can be worn year round.

Many fashion designers today aren't afraid to experiment with fun and eye-catching colors even when it comes to professional office wear. A nice black pants suit will always be a staple for those power business meetings, however, imagine stepping up your business game by heading the table with a lilac pants or skirt suit? This playful shade is not for the timid types, as it's soft enough to be elegant, yet bold enough to catch the eye.

#In The Nude

Ok, so if your mind happened to be in the gutter, please remove it. We're talking about the gorgeous shade of nude here. This shade has been extremely popular even throughout the winter season. During the spring however, there will be no shortage of clothing and accessories continuing to don this hue.

With the emergence of brands like Skims by Kim Kardashian, cream colors, browns, and tans have been placed on the radar as must-haves. Pairing nude shades with gold accessories have become our absolute fav.

#Orange is the New Red

Move over holiday red. Since both Christmas and Valentine's Day have come and gone, orange is a great alternative if you're a little tired of seeing red. This bold shade is a breath of fresh air giving off sun kissed vacation vibes. An outfit or accessory in bright orange is the perfect way to ease into summer and prepare for the warm season.

Since orange is such a vibrant shade you can go all out and pair an outfit with other vibrant shades or tone it down a bit by pairing it with a nude toned heel and/or accessories. While pastels are usually associated with spring, a bright orange is a nice change.

#Green Means Spring

Fresh green grass and new green leaves growing on trees are definitely an indication that we've been introduced to spring. What better way to celebrate this than to match the season with the shade that it's known for?

During the winter months, a darker jewel toned green was seen around making statements in clothing and accessories. The types of greens that we will be seeing even more so this year for Spring 2022 is bright and vibrant. From lime greens to almost yellow greens, we believe that we'll see this as a hot shade for shoes especially this spring. Tread lightly when styling this shade as it could get somewhat tricky. A vibrant green is a great color alone but can look extraordinary when pair correctly with other shades.

Hopefully this post helped to shed some light on the colorful forecast that we see trending in spring fashion this year. Let us know which shades you'll be rocking and as always leave us a "like" so we know you care. #LIKECOMMENTANDSUBSCRIBE


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