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6 Totally Random Beauty Products We're loving in 2022

Happy New Year!!! With every passing year comes new innovations from beauty brands that make our skin glow and our hair flow. Nourishing that side of us that loves to be primped and pampered.

Although we cannot wait to witness what new products will make their way into our makeup cases this year, we have a list of some random but effective beauty products that we've absolutely been loving going into 2022. Check out what we have below and see if your fav may have made our list.

Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross

Left to Right (Intensive Conditioner for Tight Curls, Pattern Spray Bottle, Travel Sized Hydration Shampoo, Leave in Conditioner
Left to Right (Intensive Conditioner for Tight Curls, Pattern Spray Bottle, Travel Sized Hydration Shampoo, Leave in Conditioner

When it comes to finding good hair products for those of us with very tight curl patterns, the struggle has always been real. Things have begun to get better with the emergence of quite a few natural hair products that have hit the scene in recent years however, Tracee Ellis Ross and her team of experts have perfected products that are tailor made to target some of the issues that come with having curly or frizzy hair.

This line contains several products that you can purchase alone or as a combo. Pictured above are products that work great for 4C hair. We have the Intensive Conditioner for Tight Curls, Pattern Spray Bottle, Hydration Shampoo, and Leave in Conditioner. If you are unsure of what product to purchase for your specific curl pattern, check out their website: It serves as a great resource and breaks down which products are best for you.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette (Remastered)

We have absolutely been LOVING this palette!!! The rich shades that are provided in this palette are stunning especially if you are a fan of jeweled tones, neutral browns, and vivid golds, you'll love this palette also. Huda offers a mix of both mattes and shimmers to play around with to create a sultry look.

As you can tell we have been putting ours to good use. We love the mauve shades and are definitely a fan of "Coco" which is the brown shade that is provided in this palette. The shimmery golds go on sort of "metallic like" especially if you apply them using a damp makeup brush. There is a bit of fall out as well when applying both the matte and shimmer eyeshadows however, you'll still get a good color payoff.

The range of shades also allow for you to create soft daytime looks as well as bold glam looks for evening. We definitely recommend if you are a warm makeup fan like us. We made our purchase from Sephora. Check out more reviews of this product at

Anti-aging Retinol Shower Gel

It's definitely never too early to get a head start on age prevention. A lot of us buy products for our face which provides protection for early signs of aging and/or stress however, we can't neglect the rest of our bodies. We found this little gem on the shelf at our local Walmart where the bath and body products reside. This product is all-natural containing such ingredients as Retinol, Rose oil, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil. This product is made in the USA and is also free of Parabens, Phthalates, Animal testing, and Mineral oils.

After showering with this body wash, our skin feels so soft and supple. Look out for this at Walmart stores or on their website at

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-off formula

Clinique has long since been a staple in makeup bags for years. When it comes to their skincare line, we love how their products leave our skin feeling fresh and smooth. We recently picked this product up to try from Ulta Beauty. It is a soft exfoliant that gently scrubs and polishes your face. It leaves your skin feeling resurfaced without that harsh sandpaper feeling those other scrubs often provide. We use this product daily and of course moisturize after. Check it out for yourself at

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

We couldn't just stop with the face scrub. We also purchased the Clarifying Lotion as well. This stuff is like a magnet picking up any dirt, oil, dead skin, and old makeup from your skin.

Clinique has numbered this line of clarifying lotions in accordance with skin type. If you have combination skin, number 2 will work well for you. Since our skin tends to get dry in the winter months, we also picked up number 4 for dry skin. You can take a look at their full product line at

Morphe 35 X Big Primpin

We cannot end our list without including something from Morphe. We love a great neutral palette, and this offers plenty of the shades that we need.

On the inside, you'll see shades that range from cool tones to warm. As you can see, we go hard on our palettes.

The shimmer shades truly deliver when it comes to adding a little highlight to the corners of your eyes. The rich browns provide a natural shade for when we just want to wear an effortless "makeup no makeup" look. The cool neutral tones are great to use for a buildable base shade as well. Morphe has so many great palettes and all for an affordable price. If you would like to check this one out, you can find it at

We love discovering and trying out products that we may not have been hip to when they first arrived on store shelves. We want to continue this series with more product reviews. Let us know in the comments what we should review next and also what random favs you've been loving lately.


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