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8 Beauty Tips I Wish I Learned Sooner

You ever find out a tip that your found out that could've helped you 5-10 years ago? Well better late than never with these beauty tips. Here are 8 beauty tips that we wish we could've learned earlier in life.

#1: Use Sunscreen

Your skin is the biggest organ you have. Using sunscreen helps to protect your skin from harsh UV rays from the sun, skin cancers, prevents sun burn, and also helps with premature aging. This included my melanated baddies! And don't forget the rest of your body as well. Sunscreen if not just for your face. You should use it for the rest of your body. All of your skin matters.

#2: Moisturize

Moisturizers are not just for the salt and pepper baddies. Even the youthful ladies need and require moisturizer. Yes, even you with the oily skin. Moisturizers help to reduce skin related problems and helps to provide a soothing barrier between your skin and makeup, etc.

#3: Layering Perfumes

You want that signature scent, try layering your two favorite scents. Now you have to be careful with this because spraying too much or spraying two scents that are not complimentary can cause the adverse effect. However, if you do it right you can create a scent that is specifically for you.

#4: Less is more

If you were a teen or and adult in the 2010's, you know all about the smokey eye stage. People everywhere were wearing smokey eyes for every occasion. Not to mention, wearing as much highlight humanly possible. Not sure if it is because we are getting older but I realize that less is actually more. You look more youthful, vibrant, and you are able to see the beauty of your natural features.

#5: Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to stimulate the collagen in your skin and removes the dead skin off the surface of your skin. Leaving your skin to look healthy, plump, and tight. Just like sunscreen exfoliation is not just for your face. You can used an exfoliating towel to scrub your body, legs, back, and arms.

#6: Don't forget your neck and your hands

Often times, we wash our face and stop at the chin. We often wash and lotion our arms but stop at the wrists. You can tell the age of a person by looking at their hands and neck. Make you moisturize and exfoliate your neck and hands for a more youthful look.

#7: Do not use a towel to dry your face

Using a towel to dry your face pulls at your skin and causes bacteria to settle on your face. By gently patting your mouth and eyes, and let your skin air dry and soak up the hydration from the water.

#8: Be gentle under your eyes

As stated above, pulling at your face and eye area can cause unnecessary wrinkles. The skin under your eyes is very thin and is in need of tender loving care. Always apply eye creams under the eye using the ring finger because it uses less pressure than any of the other fingers.

A lot of these tips we wish we could have implemented in our teens and 20's. It is always best to start early with taking care of your skin. Outside of drinking water, and eating your fruits/vegetables, what are some of your beauty secrets you learned along the way? What do you wish you knew sooner rather than later?

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