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Blooming Beauty: 5 Must-Have Spring and Summer Fragrances Inspired by Fruits and Florals

Lady's hands showcasing a bottle of perfume

We love chatting about style and glam, while also brainstorming ways to jazz up your closet each season. But hey, don't overlook the power of a killer scent to spice up your look and leave a lasting mark wherever you go.

With summer quickly approaching, consider adding these five summer scents to your collection.


Chance (eau tendre) by Chanel

A bottle of Chance (eau tendre) by Chanel perfume pictured by a vase of flowers

This fragrance is described as “ a delicate fruity floral fragrance.” It has notes of soft musk and grapefruit, middle notes of hyacinth and jasmine, with bottom notes of Iris, Virginia Cedar, and Amber.

The grapefruit blends perfectly with the soft musk and Jasmine to create a light, airy, and floral scent, which is perfect for the summer. This scent can be worn to a brunch work a small social gathering without being overpowering, but still leaving a lasting impression.

Retails between$93-$140 USD

CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Toilette - CHANEL | Sephora

Love (eau de parfum) by Coach

A bottle ofLove (eau de parfum) by Coach perfume in front of a vase of flowers

This is a sweet fruity fragrance that can be worn on a date night, a day date, or a fun outing with your significant other. With notes like strawberry red velvet rose, pink pepper, jasmine, and cedarwood, this is a fragrance that you can take from daytime to night.

It is described as a fragrance that is as vibrant and universal as the feeling of love. Hence the name LOVE by Coach.

Retails between $74-$112 USD

3.0 oz Love Eau de Parfum - Coach | Ulta Beauty

Perfect by Marc Jacobs

A bottle of Perfect by Marc Jacobs perfume pictured in front of a vase of flowers

This is such a playful and bright scent. It reminds us of being on a boat or around the ocean. This is also another scent that can be worn from day to night.

The notes in this fragrance are rhubarb and narcissus; the middle note is almond milk; the base notes are cashmere and cedar. With notes like this, you can’t help but say this is well…..PERFECT!

Retails between $90-$160 USD

Perfect Eau de Parfum - Marc Jacobs Fragrances | Sephora

Rose Gold (eau de parfum) by Tiffany

A bottle of Rose Gold (eau de parfum) by Tiffany pictured in front of a vase of flowers

This is a sexy and sultry scent that is perfect for date night. This is a fragrance that will draw the attention of anyone who crosses your path.

This fragrance includes notes like black currant, blue rose accord, and ambrette seed. You can pair this scent with any date night attire, leaving your partner wanting more.

Retails for $105-$160 USD

2.5 oz Rose Gold Eau de Parfum - Tiffany & Co. | Ulta Beauty

Ari (eau de parfum) by Ariana Grande

A bottle of Ari (eau de parfum) by Ariana Grande perfume pictured in front of a vase of flowers

Imagine an all-around scent that you can wear from night to day. You can wear and be desired yet draw attention. A scent that has longevity and can easily be paired or blended with other fragrances to make your signature scent.

This is the perfect fragrance for you. This scent has notes like crispy pear, pink grapefruit, juicy raspberry, soft muguet, rose buds, vanilla orchid, marshmallow, creamy musk, and blonde woods. Making the adaptability perfect for any occasion.

Retails at $45-68 usd

3.4 oz Ari Eau de Parfum - Ariana Grande | Ulta Beauty

One Last Thing....

Finding a signature scent can be a challenge and can be pricey. The good thing about the fragrances listed in this post is that they are rather affordable and can also be stacked with other scents to create a fragrance that is one of a kind.

Are there any that we missed? Leave a comment and let us know which scents you think should’ve made the list. Did you find any new scents you would like to try? Let us know in the comments!

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