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Brows: Let's Talk About Them

By now we should understand the power that is in the two strips of hair above our eyes. Eyebrows can make or break your look. They also can make you look different in more ways than one. The shape of your brows can make you look older or younger and can even change the shape of your eyes. Seriously?! I have made so many eyebrow blunders in my time that it makes me cringe when I look back at pictures. Let's discuss some of these blunders and how we can make better choices.

Exhibit A: The "Sperm Cell/Rectangle" brow.

This picture is from 2009/2010. You can probably tell from the picture quality. This is not the most cringe worthy, but it is an example of the rectangular shape brow. I would take my favorite eyebrow pencil, draw a rectangle or circle at the front of the brow and then add a tail on the end. You can see that the brow is super thin, but it is very high and round at the tail. This gave the illusion that I had more lid space and my eyes looked more round instead of my natural almond shape.

Exhibit B: The "Straight-Line, Square-arch" Brow

Back in 2011, it was all about the straight and narrow brow for me. This way of doing my eyebrows, had me in a chokehold. In this picture, you can see even though this brow is a lot thinner than the rectangle brow. Even though I am smiling, the shape of my brows causes my eyes to look more slanted. The arch was squarer in shape which creates less lid space even though the brows are noticeably thinner.

The brows in combination with the eyeliner and concealer (in my opinion), gave me a more lifted eye and created that "snatched" look.

Exhibit C: The "Dark and Thick" brow.

If you were around when the YouTuber makeup influencers were doing their thing, then you know about the dark, thick, and well sculpted brow. In case you are wondering what happened, check out our previous post on what happened to the beauty influencer by clicking the link below: .

However, the chunky, sculpted brow also created that "snatched" look and also took away a lot of lid space. To achieve this look, I would use my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade, a small eye shadow brush, and concealer. You would take the concealer and clean the area around the brow to make them look clean and neat all around the brow.

Physically, brows are very important because, like your eyelashes, they protect your eyes from sweat and other particles that can impair your vision. However, if you look at your eyebrows from a beauty standpoint, they add length and definition to your face. As a bonus, brows draw attention to the eyes by helping to distract from any imperfections on the lower half of the face.

The trend of the eye brow shape and size has also changed. Today, the brow style is more of a natural look with the hairs more defined, straight, and brushed upward. Whether naturally thick or thin, it is important to find the shape that works best for your face and brings out your best features. How do you like your brows? I low-key still like the sculpted brows. Just a little less dark. ;)

Leave us a comment below and let us know what your preference is. We'd love to hear from you.

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