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Community Spotlight: Vintage Voyage

Recently we the chance to sit down and interview with the founder and CEO of Vintage Voyage, Shade' Alcine. Who is an up and coming content creator/fashion stylist that hails from NYC. She has a deep passion for fashion and creative pieces through thrifting and vintage apparel. Shade has been into fashion since she was 15 years old but recently decided to turn her love and hobby in a business. In 2020, she decided to launch ‘Vintage Voyage’ which is a service dedicated to helping people find the right pieces that suits their personal style.

@sugarandchique: How did you get into thrifting?

@vintagevoyage: "I got into thrifting randomly. I grew up overweight and oversized T-shirts were my go-to’s. I always found the best ones in a local thrift store. Also I lived behind a Eckerd growing up at night [and] they use to throw out unused, untouched products that I gave a home. I’ve always been determined to save a buck without denying my needs or what I like, this is why I love thrifting. I love the authenticity of vintage items!"

@sugarandchique: What do you like the most about vintage items?

@vintagevoyage "I love the authenticity of vintage items! I love thinking about how many people this one piece at one time or another made someone happy."

@sugarandchique: What are some of the things you look for when thrifting?

@vintagevoyage: "When I go thrifting I try and look for items that are trending, brand new, or really unique ( prints, patterns, fringes, bold color, etc.). That’s what’s going to catch buyers eyes. I stay away from items that are too distressed, stained, or too worn. My asking prices are pretty reasonable so I’m never worried."

@sugarandchique: What is your favorite piece that you’ve found so far?

@vintagevoyage: "My favorite thrift finds have to be my Hermès scarf, tiny pearl clutch, authentic Ralph Lauren linen top, red leather trench and my Rae Dunn mug someone almost ran me over for that lol"

@sugarandchique: Would you like to shout out some of your favorite stores or boutiques?

@vintagevoyage: "Currently I’m really into anything black owned! I love my Brandon Blackwood bags. Summer time i had this waist bead craze that @kalurae another black owned business and for skin products i love a local brand called Nature Sings NYC."

@sugarandchique: What advice would you give to our readers who would like to get into thrifting?

@vintagevoyage: "If you are going thrifting, go with a specific item in mind. Thrifting can be overwhelming but if you shop with a purpose, you will able to find some one of a kind collectables that you will love."

If you live in NYC or you are interested in thrifting, please follow @vintagevoyage for all your vintage fashion styling needs. Hope you enjoyed our spotlight post. Be sure to like and comment if your have any questions. We will be doing more spotlight posts in the future so please be sure to check those out as well and subscribe!

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