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Dark or Light? Hair Colors for Spring

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Over the years, it seems like going blonde or bright for the spring and summer was the thing to be but have you ever considered opting for a darker tone for the warm months? Well according to several beauty/hair sources, this years colors for spring seems to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Here are a few that made the cut:

Brown Balayage

There are plenty of beauties who want to lighten up for the spring/summer but still want to stay true to their natural color. Or the ladies who want a subtle step out into the sun, a balayage is a great way to try something lighter without the shock of a new extreme color. There is even a new wave of people who are not natural brunettes but are wanting to trying this chocolate covered style out for the spring. This is a great transition into brighter colors or highlights. Plus it adds a bit of warmth to your look which is perfect for the warmer weather.

Pink/Rose' Colors

This is a fun and funky alternative to the traditional spring/summertime beach blonde color. According to many style sources, plenty of people are playing with colors both bold and bright this season, especially pink. What says spring more than that soft baby pink or even a rose' which is a mix between pink and copper. You can even use this color as a subtle yet bold highlight to your already dark tresses.


This beautiful color can be worn on the lighter side (your typical ginger color, with more blond than brown) or in this darker rich tone. This tone with a mix of the copper blonde color and some low lights will really make this color pop. Especially if worn with braids, beach waves, and/or wand curls.

Off/Jet Black

Would you believe the typical, plain, yet sexy and sleek black has made the cut. For spring! Yes, we know! We were thinking the same thing as you but yes, black has made the cut. Depending on the style, this is a go to color that never gets old. After all, black is one color that never goes out of style and typically looks good on everyone. If you feel jet black will wash you out, opt for a natural black or an off black to darken those tresses that will not lack in style.

So tell us, are you going blonde or lighter this summer? Or are you going for the bold and warm look? Did any of these colors surprise you?! They certainly surprised us. Leave a comment below and let us know what your style is. And if you have any colors to add to the list, let us know!

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