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Get Your Nails Ready for Spring with These 4 Fun Trends for 2023

Fingers showing popular spring nail polish colors

It seems just like yesterday that spring had just arrived. It's still not too late to rock some cute pastels or stick to classic neutral shades. Also, we've got your back if you're looking for something more unique and trendy. Are you ready to get started? Get your nails ready for spring with these 4 fun trends!




#1 Go Bold or Go Home by getting your nails ready for spring

Lime green nail polish
Lime Green Nails

Summer will be here before you know it. What better time than now to introduce some vibrant and fun colors? From bold neons to pastels, your nails can be transformed into statement pieces. You can also showcase your individual style by mixing and matching colors.

Some popular shades include coral, lavender, neon green, neon yellow, hot pink, electric blue, and bright yellow. If you've never considered wearing vibrant nails, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and try one this spring. We know that you'll absolutely love it.

# 2 Negative Space Designs

Negative space nail design using yellow nail polish
Negative Space Nails

If you've never heard of this stylish nail trend, where have you been? The negative space manicure trend has been all the rage, and we can't get enough of it.

To achieve this look you must choose a really cute nail polish color or two and use it to create some really cool designs. You can then use clear or nude polish to fill in the negative space left exposed on your nails. With such a "chique" and futuristic manicure style, it's no wonder this trend has stuck around for so long.

# 3 Muted Shades

Lady picking out nail polish colors
Muted Nail Colors

Soft pinks, mauves, tans, nudes, beige, and soft brown polishes give your manicure a clean, sophisticated look. These plain but classy shades have been a fan favorite for the past few years. There is also a trend among fashion brands of adding more muted colors to their lines that customers can wear all year long. Makeup lines also feature pale or muted shades more frequently as part of a similar trend.

These shades look gorgeous on all lengths and shapes of nails. Another plus is pairing them with any outfit without worrying about color clashes. If you are just wanting to keep it simple this spring, muted colors are the way to go.

# 4 Designs and Accents

Lady showing off her nail designs
Nail Design and Acccent

Feeling tired of the same French manicure or gel nails? Adding a bit of fun and creativity to your nails can make a big difference. As nail art has evolved, so have the various patterns and accents available for transforming plain looks into something totally unique.

Ombré nails, glitter accents, and geometric patterns are just a few popular nail art trends. There is also a broad range of choices when it comes to floral designs, animal prints, and abstract art. Using studs, jewels, or decals to create three-dimensional nail art is also extremely popular for those of us who may be a bit on the adventurous side.


No matter which fun nail trend you decide to try out this spring, we know you're sure to receive many compliments. So there you have it, four fun trends to get your nails ready for spring! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed this blog post. 💅🏾

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2 comentarios

09 may 2023

I can’t wait to try the last look. So cute and stylish!!

Me gusta
Sugar & Chique'
Sugar & Chique'
09 may 2023
Contestando a

Yessss!!! We love switching things up and trying out new shapes and designs on our nails. There are some very talented nail techs out there but, these press-on nails are starting to look just as good also.

Me gusta
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