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Hair-apy Journey: How Does Your Hair Mirror Your Emotional State?

A woman touching her hair

Have you ever felt the urge to switch up your hairstyle after a breakup or after accomplishing a long-awaited goal? Well, you're not alone. Your hair often mirrors your mood more than you realize. Just like your emotions, your hair goes through phases of highs and lows, reflecting your emotional state.

Hair transformations, such as a new haircut or color, can be empowering and uplifting, leading to a positive change in your mood. In this blog post, we'll discuss the link between your emotions and your hairstyles.  Continue reading to discover more about the world of "hair-apy".


"Hair-apy" - Term referring to the emotional connection between your hair and your mood.


After strutting out of the hair salon rocking a sassy pixie or flaunting a fab new sew-in, the vibe is pure magic! That hair flip sends our confidence soaring, ready to flaunt our fresh style.

Picture this: striding into the office on our first day back, especially us 9-5 girlies, feeling like a million bucks as colleagues shower compliments on our fabulous locks. It's a mood-boosting moment that lifts our spirits and leaves us feeling on top of the world!

A woman covering her face

On the other had, when your hair becomes rebellious and refuses to cooperate, it can really rain on your parade.

We've all had those off days where our hair seems to have a life of its own, either because we're not feeling 100% or that new hairdo turned into a hair-don't. No matter the reason, it can make us want to play hide and seek for the day, depending on how bad our hair looks.

Hair Transformations

A woman styling another woman's hair

We are big fans of the phrase "out with the old, in with the new". Hair styles are a great way to express yourself. When you're ready for a fresh look following a significant life event such as a divorce, job change, or if you've been feeling stagnant, changing your hair color or length can truly reflect your new state of mind.

If you really want to shake things up, consider making a bold move with your hair color. Step out of your comfort zone and opt for a vibrant hue. If you're a brunette, embrace being a blonde, and if you're already blonde, venture into some darker shades.

Additionally, play around with your hair length. If you typically have short hair, experiment with adding volume and length. Embrace a glamorous look with curls and layers.

On the other hand, if you usually have long hair, try going short. You don't have to dive into a pixie cut right away; start gradually with a stylish bob. But, if you're feeling particularly daring, go for the chop!

And hey, if you're not ready to take the leap, wigs are also a fabulous way to experiment and have some fun!

Hair Care is Self-Care

A woman getting her hair washed at a salon

Another aspect of "hair-apy" involves tending to our natural hair. When we're not feeling our best, our hair care regimen may also suffer. Ensuring that we give proper attention to our hair is a significant confidence booster. The feeling of freshly washed and shampooed hair is unmatched.

Incorporating this into your self-care routine will immediately lift your spirits, leaving you feeling more relaxed and refreshed. If you enjoy salon visits, indulging in a shampoo and trim every now and then is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach like many of us, taking care of your hair at home can still bring you a sense of satisfaction and well-being.


Your hair isn't just strands on your head, It's your mood, your identity, your fresh start, your self-care routine, and your conversation starter. Now go, flip that fabulous hair!

How does your hair mirror your emotional state? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and show some love by giving this post a like.

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