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Hairstyles for Spring and Summer

FINALLY! Spring is here and you know what that means......warm weather, shorts, tank tops, and protective styles. As we know, you can almost always predict what fashions will be in style for the spring and summer but what about hair styles? What kinds of styles are we doing this year? Well allow us to help you out with a few ideas that may have you wanting to spring into action to your local salon. Let's dive right in, shall we.

Starting off out list at number 5 is the almighty and oh so sexy, chin length bob. IT'S BOB SEASON ladies! The bob style is very classy, very flirty, and just all around fun. Whether you opt for the long bob, the elevated bob with a part on the side, or the chin length bob thats parted in the middle. Either way you wear this style you are most certainly going to make a statement. However, the chin length bob with a middle part or the jaw-length bob with fringe is definitely in for 2022 but the shorter the bob the better. Adding a pop of color is always a good idea. This season, the typical honey blondes are great but the in colors this season are bright pops of color. Such as blue, red, or even green tips or low lights. Flirty curl bobs are also in season this spring and they make a statement when you walk into a room.

Coming in at number 4 on the list is COLORS!!!! Vibrant, bright, and bold. Whether you go with long tresses, braids, or short pixies. The new wave is vibrant and bold colors. Many of the ladies are going to rainbow pastels or the newest trend; skunk tails. The possibilities are endless. There is nothing like pastel curls which screams spring/summer. Spring 2022 is giving color and lots of it.

Number 3 is one of my ultimate favorites and it never gets old. Let's get into the wet and wavy, free flowing hair. You can never go wrong with beach waves or big wand curls. Who doesn't love wild and free curls. Curls make your hair look full, vibrant, and they are just a vibe. This spring 2022, curls are in session. You will probably see more defined and put together wand curls or the wet beach curls.

Another curl look that has made its way back is the 70's "Farrah Fawcett" style hair. This curl look is loose body curls with multiple layers. A nice way to spice up this look is to add some high or low lights and you are good to go. You can achieve this look with your natural locks or a traditional sew-in which has also made a come back.

Coming in at number 2 is definitely a fan favorite and is always a summer vibe. Give it up for........BRAIDS!!!!!! Braids give every.....single........season!!!! Of course, box braids are always a go to style especially for the summer as a protective style. Braids allow your hair to grow and your scalp to breath. Not to mention, you will not have to stress out about doing your hair for up to 8 weeks. This spring, the trend is the fulani style braids. Fulani braids are elegant show stopping braids that are braided down to that scalp in the front, and free flowing knotless style braids in the back. You may even have some braids on the side for extra added style.

The number 1 trending style for spring and summer 2022 is..............drum roll please.......

LOCS!!!!! Real locs, sister locs, goddess, locs, or faux locs. Locs are predicted to trend for this spring and summer. Locs are a great protective style and unlike braids, they actually look better the older they get. You can add in pops of colors and even hair jewelry to spice up your look.

It's amazing to see that locs are at the top of the list which is right on time and alignment with the CROWN Act that recently passed. It is unfortunate that is has taken decades for other people to realize that natural African American hair IS good hair in any setting in the world.

Cheers to spring and summer with these amazing styles. I can't wait to see some of you ladies rocking these styles in those sexy and colorful spring and summer outfits.

What style will you be rocking this summer? Are you going to mix and match the trends together or just do one at a time. Leave a comment below and let us know what trend are you going with.

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