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Holiday Special: Mystery Date Turned DEADLY

Sarah Gilverson was a beautiful 36 year old young lady from Mississippi who was in love with art, interior design and architecture. She was a regular hometown girl from the country who longed for city life. She often told her parents that she wanted more out of life including a husband. Coming from a small town all the guys seemed the same and she wanted a dreamer who could elevate her life. Her mother warned her to be careful and often told her, "don't forget what happened last time you started dating. Do not put all your eggs in one basket so soon."

Within a year's time, Sarah moved to Seattle to start a new life. The city in all its glory was amazing to her. She loved the architecture and there was plenty of activities to do. The night life scene was also way different from her small town in Mississippi. She loved going to new places and meeting new people. One night, in particular, would change her life forever.

On the evening of October 8, 1992, Sarah went to a local bar by herself, not too far from her apartment building. She sat at the bar when a tall man tapped her on the shoulder. He was very handsome, tall, slim but muscular. He had rich dark brown hair, and had the deepest, brightest brown eyes she had ever seen on......anyone. He asked if he could buy her a drink. She was so intrigue by him from the moment they began their conversation. They talked for hours and hours until the place closed. The two even walked to a park nearby and talked even more about the things they wanted out of life.

Later that evening, he would walk her back to her complex and they said their goodbyes. He hugged her tight at the hips and kissed her. The kiss he gave her seemed like it sent her into a spell. She was so intrigue by him that she realized she forgot to ask for his name. When she turned around from unlocking her door to ask, he was gone. It was almost as if he vanished.

Sarah told any and everyone she knew about the man she had met at the bar that night. That's all she could talk about. Everyone wanted to meet this mystery man but she did not have any information about him to help her find him. She longed for this man so much, she even started dating any man that resembled the mystery man in hopes that she could recreate the feeling she had with this guy but it wasn't the same.

Sarah was so infatuated with the mystery man that she could hear his voice in her head.

She would dream about him and would see mirages of him around the city. Sarah would visit the bars close to her complex looking for this mystery man but soon her infatuation would turn into obsession.

Sarah would spend days and days looking for him by following the mans voice in her mind. Eventually, the voices would lead her down a deadly path. One evening, Sarah went to the park where she sat with the mystery man that evening. She sat there to clear her mind, until she looked across the park and saw.......the mystery man. She ran towards him but it seemed like he kept getting further and further away from her. Sarah stopped at the lake as she seen him going into the water and sinking further under. Suddenly she heard the voice of the man who told her to follow him. In her mind she knew she would drown, but felt a presence take over her body that helped guide her into the water. She sank deeper and deeper into the water, never to be seen or heard from again.

A few days later, Sarah's disappearance was all over the news and newspapers. The bartender at the bar close to Sarah's apartment asked one of the customers if he had heard about the story of the missing girl. The mystery man turned to him and said "no, I've never heard of it."

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This was an AMAZING story!!!💕

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