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Hot Topic: Top 5 Fashion Trends to watch out for this Summer

How many of us have been rocking our pjs or our favorite yoga pants while working from home? We admit we’ve been going into a slump lately. As the pandemic continues it’s easy to fall into a trap of what we like to call the “super comfy frumpy”. You know, the messy top bun and the t-shirt with the holes? Okay, maybe you aren’t this bad off. If you can relate, it’s time for a change.

Summer is here and the fact that we're in a pandemic doesn't mean that our outfits have to suffer. We can still look fly while we social distance. Let us tell you about the top five trends to watch out for this summer.

Hair Clips...Headbands..Hair Accessories 💗

Lately, we have been seeing a variety of hair accessories that are making a HUGE return to the scene for summer 2020. The hair clip trend of the late 90’s and early 2000’s is making a splash. This time around they are bigger and better.

The trends that we’re seeing are jumbo clips that are adorned with pearls…rhinestones…and different sayings on them. Also making its way onto the scene are oversized headbands; srunchies; and all types of different barrettes.

If you are looking to rock a vintage look that will instantly give your summer outfit a “chique” pop, start with a few of these Fab hair accessories.

Crop Top Crazy 💗

Crop tops were a big trend last year however, they have managed to still linger around in 2020. Just like last year, we are seeing everything from cropped tees to cropped sweatshirts. This trend is sleek and edgy but, unfortunately cannot be worn in professional settings. These days, the length of a crop top can be as subtle as just a few inches above your belly button to as over the top as a bralette.

We love paring our crop tops with a blazer and some stylish jeans or with a midi skirt. We also love our crop hoodies for the gym. Pssst....we know where you can get a really cute crop top hoodie btw. Shop the Sugar and Chique Boutique Speaking of the gym…we need to get back to our routine. Quarantine has had us questioning if we should sit this trend out this summer.

Holey Denim 💗

We admit…at first we weren’t completely sold on this trend. The thought of purchasing a pair of jeans that already have holes in them almost screamed insanity however, this is a vintage trend that has been brought back with a vengeance.

Everyone from Instagram influencers to your favorite celebs have embraced this edgy look. It is here again for summer 2020 and we are here for it. You don’t have to look far to find these jeans. Retailers like ZARA, Topshop, H&M, and Forever 21, all sale this style. If you are like us and don’t feel comfortable with straight up buying a pair of holey jeans, you can totally DIY these and make them your own.

Oversized Shade 💗

If you don’t have a pair of these where have you been? People have been rocking oversize shades since the days of the old Hollywood era. This trend has always given a look of high fashion and glamour. Whether we’re going to the beach or going to brunch with friends, oversize shades gives us that Audrey Hepburn vibe.

Also, if you’re like us and work a lot of late nights, sis these shades also come in handy to hide those suitcases under our eyes. Yes, there are some blogs that a drooling all over that whole tiny shades trend but, oversize shades are here to stay.

Micro Handbags 💗

Handbags keep getting smaller and smaller. In 2020 miniature and micro handbags are taking over. We don’t know how people are able to stash their necessities in those bags but, we must admit that they are cute. We recommend these handbags because in 2020 it’s all about minimizing. Running errands and having just key essentials such as a wallet; keys; phone; and a cute mask is all you need in today’s new normal.

We’ve all been stuck inside for the past few months however, there is nothing wrong with scoring some of this seasons hot trends. Just because are outings are more brief and maybe far and few between doesn’t mean we can’t still feel good when we are out enjoying the day. Let us know in the comments below some things that you’ll be rocking this summer.

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