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How Social Media Is Making Us More Obsessed with Beauty

The way we consume media has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the advent of social media. We now have constant, 24/7 access to images and videos of other people, which has had a significant impact on the way we see ourselves. One of the most troubling aspects of this is the way that social media has made us more obsessed with beauty.

We are constantly bombarded with images of perfect-looking celebrities and influencers, which has contributed to the rise of cosmetic procedures and eating disorders. In this article, we'll explore the way social media is making us more obsessed with beauty, and what we can do to counter its effects.



#1 Validate Me Please

#2 Filters

#3 Every "Body" is Perfect

#4 Commercialization


#1 Validate Me Please

Most of us are driven by a desire to want to know that we are being seen and/or heard by the people around us. It is human nature to want to be liked, and for some people, social media offers an outlet to express themselves and gain the attention and popularity of others with similar interests.

Nowadays, we don't even need to step outside of our homes in order to receive the approval of our friends and family for things that we may feel the need to show off at a moment's notice. By simply uploading a pic onto our social media pages, we can instantly receive "likes" and feedback.

The downside of this is that likes, shares, and comments have become a measuring rod of sorts where we proudly receive validation according to how many of those things we receive. It also allows for us to make comparisons of ourselves amongst others.

An individual who uses social media as a means for validation could indeed become frustrated by receiving just a few "likes" and comments on a post about a new makeup look they've tried to create.

It can also become frustrating when someone could be creating the exact same content as you but, end up receiving a lot more feedback than what you've received. When it comes to the world of makeup and beauty, it's enough to make anyone start to doubt themselves and feel as though they aren't pretty enough.

#2 Filters

Photo by George Milton

Filters are fun and can add some really great qualities to photos such as smoothing out your skin or making the colors in a photo appear richer and stand out.

We definitely love a good filter and are not shy to say that we use them from time to time however, with constant advancements in technology, filters can begin to give some a distorted view of reality. In recent years, when it comes to "beauty standards" here in the United States and abroad people have become somewhat obsessed with having certain features that have been made popular within mainstream pop culture. Common features that some filters allow you the opportunity to enhance on your pictures and videos often include:

  • Lightening and/or darken your skin tone

  • Making your lips appear fuller (popular)

  • Making your nose appear slimmer

  • Straightening and whitening teeth

  • Changing eye and hair color

  • Making certain parts of your body appear slimmer

There are so many more features that certain apps offer with regards to filters. This can become dangerous when it comes to how we see ourselves. Studies have shown that filters have been linked to causing some mental health issues such as depression and Body Dysmorphic Disorders as well as encouraging some individuals to want to seek out endless surgical procedures in order to constantly enhance their features.

When using filters, it is important to keep in mind not to stray too far away from reality. There is certainly nothing wrong with a few adjustments to make our photos pop however, if it becomes obsessive, we need to make sure to take a step back and spend more time appreciating and accepting our natural beauty.

#3 Every "BODY" is Perfect

Who hasn't heard of the infamous term "Instagram Baddie" aka "IG Baddie"? In case you aren't aware, these beauties are all over Instagram and offer a certain type of aesthetic when it comes to the way they do their hair and makeup. Also, the clothing that they wear and the way that they pose in pictures.

Scrolling through our Instagram feed we often see pics of these gorgeous models and if we aren't careful, we'll begin comparing ourselves to what we see. What we don't see is the production that often goes behind making sure a picture is perfect. The blood, sweat, and tears involved with doing constant takes. Making sure that the lighting is perfect and that every strand of hair stays in place. After the photos are taken, they are then edited to add and/or remove anything in order to ensure that the photo is perfectly eye-catching.

Don't get us wrong, the process doesn't take anything away from the talent and beauty of the models however, social media can often make it seem as if there are people who wake up looking absolutely flawless. We've definitely fallen victim to wishing that our bodies looked trimmer or wanting to have that perfectly glowing skin. At the end of the day, we should all realize that every "body" is perfect in their own way.

#4 Commercialization

It can't just be us who are bombarded with ads for products and services that promote the enhancement of our beauty on social media.

Although we love a lot of items that we've found, we do recommend being careful and thoroughly doing your research before purchasing anything that you see online. There are many sellers online who will take advantage of any insecurities consumers may have by offering a number of products that promise to make you look and feel more beautiful. Also, even providing instant results.

Although brands are responsible to their customers, as consumers we also have to be responsible to ourselves. If the seller is promoting a product that may seem too good to be true, such as "lose 40 pounds in 2 days"... keep on scrolling.


In conclusion, social media is making us more obsessed with beauty. The constant stream of images and videos of perfect-looking people can trigger feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. To combat these effects, we should be more selective about what we consume on social media. We should also follow accounts that make us feel good about ourselves and focus on our own inner beauty. Finally, we should use social media as a platform to celebrate all types of beauty

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