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How to Identify your Stress

You ever get enough sleep at night and yet you still feel exhausted? You may need more rest than you think......and I am not talking about taking a nap. There is more than one way to be fatigued and more than one way to get the rest that you need to feel whole again.

Lets explore this a little more shall we.....

Problem: Mental Stress. Being mentally tired requires mental rest. You can become mentally tired from doing mentally taxing jobs like teaching, any job in the medical or legal industry, and/or financial industry just to name a few. I get mentally drained from overthinking and analyzing (What can I say, I'm a VIRGO).

Solution: Take moments throughout the day. Find ways to laugh, listen to music, or find ways to pace yourself if possible.

Problem: Emotional Fatigue. Emotional fatigue is an extension of mental stress/fatigue and can cause you to be physically tired. This is one of the reasons people who are depressed feel physical pain. Emotional stress can cause you to feel broken, confused, disconnected, and wounded. Have you ever heard of people dying of a broken heart? Even though its something people say, heartbreak from grief in some cases can cause broken heart syndrome. However, you can heal from emotional stress and get emotional rest.

Solution: Give yourself space and time to freely express your emotions. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, scream. Take time to write down your emotions or say them out loud. I am a strong believer in getting those emotions off of your chest.

Problem: Social Distress. Being around people is an amazing feeling. I think we can all agree ESPECIALLY since being on lockdown due to the pandemic. This also lead to an uprising on social media. Everyone is posting amazing moments, new opportunities in their lives, and new business ventures. This is a spin off of the emotional fatigue. Being on social media all day or being around people day in and day out, allows room for you to compare your life which drains your energy.

Solution: I know it sounds cliche, but take time for yourself. There is peace in solidarity. Unwind, disconnect, and center yourself. If you must be with people, be around people who know you and love you for you. Turn the phone off and be in the moment. Meditation helps to clear your mind and thoughts.

Problem: Spiritual restlessness. We all can agree 2020 threw everything and everyone for a curve ball. Everyday there was bad news at every turn. Right on the heels of social distress, which also allows you access to situations and visuals that can break or bother your spirit.

Solution: Meditation and prayer. Do activities that help you feel whole such as helping someone whether in your circle or in your community. Focus on the positives of your life. Meditation helps you to become one with your thoughts and get clarity on the things that may bother you.

Being in alignment is so important because all of these stressors piggy back off of the other. If there is nothing else the pandemic has taught me, it is to take care of me FIRST. If my cup is full, I am able to serve the people around me who need pouring into. This gives being SELF CENTERED a new meaning.

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