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Inspiration or Lack Thereof?! 5 ways to stay motivated

What gets you up and going? How do you stay motivated? What inspires you to follow you passion? Some people make it look so easy but truth is, its hard to stay inspired and motivated. I know here at S+C, it gets difficult some days but we have some tips that help us stay inspired even when we draw blanks. Remember a blank canvas is good because it leaves room for new ideas. So here are a few tips.


Wouldn't we all love to be able to think on the beach, right?! Hey this could be someones backyard. Regardless of where you live, seeing a different view or feeling a different vibe can bring a new experience which births new ideas. Taking a break can also help birth new ideas in a relaxed setting as well. I know for me, I am able to create when I am relaxed.


Any ideas you may have, write them down before you forget sis. Whether its good, bad, or indifferent. WRITE IT DOWN! You never know, sometimes you may end up referring back to some ideas that you thought were terrible. Some ideas can be terribly wrong at the moment, and then perfect for a future project. Plus writing things down also helps you to refer back to an idea. It also gives you in insight on how you think and where your thoughts are in a particular moment.


Sometimes using some of your other creative talents can help inspire new ideas. Whether its painting, singing, dancing, writing, etc., all of these can spark new ideas and new ways of thinking. It can even spark new ideas on old projects and how you can improve upon a finished project through revision.


As the saying goes, "sometimes you have to lose in order to know how to win." Failing really helps to bring you back to the drawing board and helps you to reinvent or revamp your ideas. Get feedback from your family and friends and see if they have some insight on why you may have failed. This helps you to see things you may not have through the eyes of others. Being a perfectionist can also ruin inspiration just because you will be too focused on the failed project instead of using it as a stepping stone to your next idea.


Taking some me time and focusing on you can help birth ideas. Meditation, exercise, and rest can help. Taking some much needed breaks and me time can help you not to feel so overwhelmed if the inspiration is not there at the moment. Remember: you cannot give from an empty cup.

I hope this helps someone with finding inspiration. These are some tips we use every week in order to stay inspired to bring you fresh and new content every week. If there is something we have missed or a ritual that helps you to remain inspired, leave a comment below!



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