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Ka-BOOM!!!! BOMB business that you'll want to know about...

Ladies, I am sure you want to know what the explosion is all about. These BOMB businesses that are bringing the heat in the makeup game. For those of you that don't know, BOMB stands for 'Black Owned Makeup Brands" and honey......IT IS NOT A GAME!!! Here is a few of our favorites that we are sure you'll love just as much as we do.

Mented Cosmetics

This cosmetic line was founded by Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller in 2017. Their goal was to 'provide women of color with more options.' With lipsticks that has a line filled with black girl friendly nudes to eyeshadow palettes that provide shades for everyday wear. This line is sure to turn your everyday look from a flop to a BOP!!!! The best part of it all is that it is very affordable! Get you some sis!

Instagram: @mentedcosmetics

UOMA Beauty

Pronounced 'Uh-mah' , this brand was founded by Sharon Chuter who (in her own words) wanted to "re-write the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that is truly for all of us." With 6 unique shades of foundations, concealers, and contour sticks, it is very easy to be matched with a shade that best fits you and your undertones so that its not confusing. They even have brown girl friendly bronzers. They do have shades for everyone but in my opinion, its looks as though they have us in mind first.

Instagram: @uomabeauty

Juvia's Place

I have always admired how Juvia's Place uses images of queens. Not just any queens either because you WILL NOT see Queen Elizabeth on the packaging. I'm talking about African queens. The pigment in the shadows are almost unmatched. Each hue looks AMAZING on skin tones from dark to light. They also have a variety of foundation shades ranging from deep dark to fair with neutral undertones. You can find this brand at Ulta as well.

Instagram: @juviasplace

Beauty Bakerie

This brand is so positive and makes you feel good. Especially when you go to the website and read the founders story of how she decided to create a shift in her and her daughters life. Beauty Bakerie is a so creative with the content being solely package as baking goods and honey, we love to bake! They have a variety of foundation shades, lip whips (which are my FAV), and the flour setting powders. This one brand that you can have fun with but also create some amazing looks.

Instagram: @beautybakerie

The Lip Bar

You may recognize The Lip Bar from the hit TV show 'Shark Tank'. Can you believe they were REJECTED?!!!! Sis what?!!!! This brand is BOMB!!!!! The lip shades defy all odds (in more ways than one). Shades outside the box of your reds, pinks, and purples. This brand is vegan and there are plenty of natural chemicals instead of the extra unnecessary ones. They even have concealers in 6 new shades! You can find their lip shades online, at their flagship store in Detroit, or at a Target near you.

Instagram: @thelipbar

Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine is one of my favorite brands as well. Founded by Loraine Dowdy who believes in 'breaking all beauty barriers.' The HIGHLY pigmented palettes alone sends me sis! They offer pigmented palettes, lip shades, and even foundation. All of which shows up on even the darkest ebony queen. No more are the days where the colors don't show up because you are not of a certain shade. With this brand, no matter how fair or melanated, you can show off that beat face any time of the day. You feel me?

Instagram: @colouredraine

Pat McGrath

Created by obvi......Pat McGrath! If you don't know who she is, then you should be ashamed. She was dubbed by Vogue magazine as "the most influential makeup artist in the world".......THE WORLD!!!!! With bold colors and bold looks, you are sure to create a runway look that will have everyone OBSESSED. You find the whole kit and caboodle on her site from foundations to mascara. You can even find masks on the site as well which by the way make sure; you do your part and wear yours! You can also find some of Auntie Pats products at your local Sephora.

Instragram: @patmcgrathreal

Fenty Beauty

I's FENTY BEAUTY!!!! Busting the game WIDE open with a whopping 40 foundation shades and 50 concealer shades. Rihanna (Robyn) Fenty made it very clear she was coming fro the neck of the beauty industry. Making shades for every woman including undertones and lip colors that are all inclusive. She now offers skin care which is the ultimate foundation to any makeup look. That Rihanna reign, just won't let up!

Instagram: @fentybeauty

One thing I noticed is that all of these brands made it possible for all women to create looks that make us feel beautiful. No matter the shade or preference, you can go as natural or as bold as you want.

Please let us know if there are any black owned makeup brands you are obsessed with. We may do a part two in trying to highlight black owned brands and thats on PERIODT!!!

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