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Keep It Real: Why We Won't Wear a Full Face of Makeup During Summer?

Globally, summer 2022 has been brutal, with temperatures far exceeding 100 degrees in many places. What does this mean for us girls who love applying our full faces of Fenty and MAC products?

It usually means dealing with eyeshadow creasing on our lids and a land slide of foundation clogging up our t-zones. Therefore, we ask: Are you wearing a full face of makeup this summer? Here are some reasons why we definitely are choosing not to.


It's definitely been proven that makeup is known to clog your pores. With the sun beaming down on us, keeping up with our skin care routine would prove to be somewhat counterproductive especially with wearing pounds of foundations, concealers, creams, and powders.

Wearing a good primer can certainly help, however, even some of the best primers can become greasy and oily on a hot summer day. There still may be times where you may feel the need to have some light coverage to even out your skin tone or help with concealing blemishes. In those instances, we definitely recommend using a BB or CC cream that also has some added SPF for sun protection.

BB and CC creams have been used for years as alternatives to wearing heavy foundations because they are lighter in consistency but still have the ability to color correct and also may include ingredients that are skin friendly.

Oh Yeah! It Gets Messy

Let's face it. Who wants to show up to an event looking like a glazed unicorn?

We also can't count those embarrassing moments where we've touched our faces and accidently transferred product over onto those important papers that we had to turn in via school or work.

Also, those occasions when bae just wanted a hug and makeup rubbed off on his shirt.

It's definitely the perfect storm for sweat and makeup products to coagulate when you have on a full-face makeup on in 90-degree weather.

The Alternitives.....

During the summer months, what alternatives are there to wearing makeup? We recommend trying the following:

  • BB and/or CC creams - As we've stated above BB and/or CC creams are a great way to add coverage without being heavy. We like using this inexpensive BB cream by Maybelline called Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-In -1 Skin Protector this BB cream does offer SPF protection which is awesome.

  • Giving your skin a break - Let your skin breath during the summer months by taking a break from wearing your makeup. Show off your own natural summer glow.

  • Wearing makeup in the evenings - If you must get glam to go out, try wearing makeup when it typically cools down outdoors.

  • Drinking plenty of water - We all know the key qualities of what drinking water does for our skin. Allowing our skin to be hydrated from the inside, will definitely bring out a natural glow on the outside.

  • Use Oil-Free Makeup - Using products that don't add more oil to your skin can keep you from appearing greasy and clogging your pores if you have oily skin.

  • Moisturize - Even with oily skin we have to make sure to moisturize daily. This ensures young healthy-looking skin.

  • Utilizing "makeup no makeup" looks - The "makeup no makeup" look provides a great way to save time, while wearing less of your favorite makeup products.


The beauty guru in us can't resist going full on glam when we're outside but keeping our skin at its best year-round will require some sacrifices.

Let's keep the conversation going. How do you keep your makeup looking fresh in this summer's heat? Let us know in the comments! Also, leave us a ❤️to let us know you enjoyed this post.

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