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LUX AF: Hairstyle Edition

We love free flowing tresses just like the next girl. I will be the first to tell you that when i get home, the wig has been snatched off honey, and my natural hair is in whatever style its in when I take it off. There is something about that sleek, structured look that just gives what it's supposed to give. Having a tapered hairstyle can lux up any look but paired with the proper attire, it can step up your style game times 1000. Here are a few of our favorite lux looks that scream expensive.

The Sleek Bun/Ponytail

A sleek bun or ponytail can make any look go from drab-to-fab. This is a hair style that can be worn for a daytime meeting or an evening gathering. A bun or ponytail is such a low maintenance and underestimated style that has made its way back into mainstream chique! Whether you do a side part, a middle part, or the slick back, believe it or not, the part makes this basic style look different and unique.

The High-End Bob

Who does not love a fresh, clean cut, tapered bob?! A bob, in my opinion, is the most sophisticated look for any fashionista. The bob is stylish, simple, but yet edgy at the same time. Sure, it's giving Edna Mode but I think we all can agree that the bob is still a simple yet elegant style. Again, this is a look that can be dressed up or dressed down. It can also be versatile. You can do a middle or side part, however, a middle part adds more of a sophisticated lux appeal. Add in bonus points if the bob is of a naturally dark hair color such as a brunette or even black.

Shiny Hair

This is not a style in particular but it is hair related. It also helps to elevate your style. Shiny hair makes your style look like you just left the salon. It makes you look more lux and well-put together. I always say, you can have on one of your oldest outfits on but with a new, fresh looking hair style can elevate your look to a new level. Your hair does not need to be fresh out of the salon chair, but just make sure you add some sheen to your look and remember to keep it simple.

The Expensive Blow Out

The middle part, bone straight hair with a slight curl at the ends is definitely a chef's kiss when it comes to lux hairstyles. This simple yet classic style can bring attention to the face, neck, and diamond stud earrings. To achieve this sleek look, you have to keep the fly-aways at bay. Using a wax stick can help to keep those small fine hairs in place and will create a flawless look.

What I love about high luxury looking hairstyles is that they are very simple, and anyone can do these looks. These styles are low maintenance and need minimal effort to achieve. Add some shades and a fashionable, yet classic outfit and you are looking like money, babe.

What are some of your favorite hairstyles that give you that classic lux look? Leave a comment below and let us know. Oh, and in case you also just so happen to need some ideas on lux looking attire, check out our previous post here:

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