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Nailed It!!! 6 Insanely Popular Nail Colors of Summer 19

We are in the last days of summer!!! How did time go so fast? Instead of dwelling on that, we can still have our nails looking summer time fine wearing these insanely stylish summer nail colors. In this post, we will be taking a look back at the 6 most popular nail color shades of summer 19.

This year, we went bold with our shades and made statements with our designs. While we still love our classic reds and french tips, bright colors won us over in a big way this summer. Let's explore those popular shades that had our nails popping along with our summer tans.

Neon Green: This color has been killing it this year on everything from clothing, wigs, to accessories. Neon green or lime green is a fun pop of color that looks good on all shades of skin. The only downside to wearing such a bold shade of green is that your outfit choices might become limited. To each their own but, we're not too sure that we could pull off neon green with our favorite red and black blazer. There are so many nail polish brands that currently sale this color but, we found a neon green shade that will blow you away!!!! Check out Beyond the Nail . With just two coats of this polish, $#&! gets real. Not only is this polish vegan, it's also hand mixed.

Neon Yellow: This statement making shade has shown up on our Instagram feed all summer long. If you dare to wear this shade, be prepared to stop traffic and answer questions. Celebs like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Cardi B have all been seen rocking this look effortlessly. Our go to polish to achieve this look is Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by China Glaze . Pair this nail color with a vibrant outfit to create a fun florescent vibe. ***Warning*** this shade is not for the shy or the conservative.

White Polish: White nail polish has been popular for quite a while now. It's clean, classy, and goes with any outfit. In our opinion, white nail polish became the new french manicure trending all over our Pinterest feeds. No summer is complete without this look and if you're thinking of trying it out for a late summer look, we recommend Alpine Snow by O.P.I. We found this polish online at Walmart for $7.50. If you're like us and like to add a little shimmer, we also recommend Zoya Nail Polish in the color Genesis. This polish adds a dusting of glitter but still serves sophistication. You can pick this up at Ulta.

Pink: You can wear this color anytime but, summer just isn't summer without a good pink polish. Sheer? can do that. There are plenty of pastel pink colors to choose from but for summer, it's all about going bold!!! We have a couple of favs on our list that are super cute. The first one is from the Ella + Mila Samba Collection Nail Polish in the shade Pinktini. This shade reminds us of a watermelon Starburst. (If there were such a flavor). It's a bold and vibrant shade that compliments all skin tones. The best part is that it's free of the top seven chemicals which are known to be harmful in beauty and skin products. It's also vegan and cruelty free. Our second pick is Base Coat Nail Polish in the shade Taurus. Our inner Barbie came twerking out the first time we saw this amazingly girly shade. Our advice...try them both.

Orange: Bright tangerines, mangos, and sunburst oranges make us dream of a tropical vacation. Orange nail polish is fire 🔥🔥🔥. Which is why we are excited to talk about a few of our favs. First up on our list is Soles on Fire by Essie If you are into bright mango shades then you will love this polish. It screams island getaway with mimosas in hand. Our next pick is a little expensive but, the color is definitely gorgeous. Check out ILNP Nail Polish in Atomic Sherbert If you want to glow this summer this bold polish will give you a little holographic situation with its tiny specs of gold throughout. Pair this polish with your favorite colorful maxi dress for a night out.

Electric Blue: We had to save this one for last. Electric blue is so chique’ and looks absolutely gorgeous and sophisticated on every skin tone. We just love this pop of color that commands attention each time we wear it. If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend it. We also must warn you that once you try this shade on your nails….you may get hooked. For a polish that delivers….look no further than Live.Love.Polish in the shade Tribeca. This polish serves!!!! Check out this polish or a similar shades of electric blue.

With summer winding down, you may want to get a start on rocking these nails. Although you can rock any look at any time, fall and winter shades will be moving in soon. We can’t wait to review those. 💙💗💚💛🧡

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