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No More! 10 Things I will no longer buy

There is nothing wrong with saving a few coins and I am here for it all. As much as I like to splurge here and there, I absolutely refuse to put my hard earned money into items that give me no return on the investment or it just doesn't make sense to spend the extra cash.

While I am on my way to becoming more of a minimalist, here are 10 items I refuse to buy or invest in anymore.

Expensive headphones

I used to think I would have to keep up with the trends of buying the latest new electronics. Some of these items cost over $600 and I have found my inexpensive noise cancelling headphones work just as well. In my opinion, it is not worth the investment unless you are putting those headphones to daily use. They are very trendy and look very good but chances are you may be purchasing them for the name and the aesthetic of the design.

Clothing Starch

Here is another item I decided to stop spending money on. Not only are the aerosol cans bad for the environment, but they can over time become costly. A solution I have found to this problem is buying a steamer. If you think about, a steamer will cost you a one time price between $30-$200. Imagine buying starch at $2 a can per month. That roughly $24 a year but then you have to keep buying it for years to come. A steamer, not only gets the wrinkles out of your clothing but you can use them on other items such as sheets and curtains. I mean, who wants to iron sheets?!!! I personally don't think its worth the money but if you have to have starch, just make sure they are eco friendly and chemical free.

Expensive hand bags

So I know that many of you may or may not agree with me but there's a good reason why I have this on my list. I loooove a good expensive bag like the next person but are they worth the investment? Some say yes, while others may say no. Truth is if you can afford it, by all means have at it. However, I have owned plenty of bags (both designer and off brand) and I have had some bags that I have gotten from TJ Maxx or so and they held up just the same. Depending on the bag, some bags you can sell at a discounted rate after they have been slightly use, like your Birkin bags and Louis Vuittons. It doesn't take a lot of money to look stylish and to be honest, as long as the money isn't falling out you are good to go.

Expensive face regimens

The saying is very true, facial products shouldn't be cheap but they shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. As long as you have a few go to's, it shouldn't cost much money at all. My go-to face products only consist of 4 items. I have been using sea moss for a while now on my face and it has never looked better. It adds both hydration and subtleness that I need in my skin. It is also multifunctional. I can even use it in my hair. I would even suggest saving that money and just going to see your esthetician. You can even ask them about a product that is reasonably priced and is ok for everyday. Also keep in mind, what you put in your body helps as well.

(Disclaimer: this is not recommended if you have cystic acne or other skin disorders. Please follow the instructions of your dermatologist)

Bath salts

You can turn anything into big business with the right marketing strategies but the truth is, bath salts are simply epsom salt in essential oils and colored dyes. Does it sound worth the money now? I have seen some bath salts that cast up to $10 just because the packaging is cute. I'm not saying don't make your coin but the consumer should know where to save a coin as well. In my opinion, not worth the money. You can buy a bag of regular epsom salt and create your own bath recipes at home. This will most likely cost you less than $6 to do.

New cars

So while I admit, there is nothing like having a new car. You don't have to run and get the CarFax information for the vehicle or worry that the sales man is not honest because they are just try to make a sale. However, new cars depreciate faster. One you drive off the lot, the appreciation drops tremendously. It's not fair but its true. You could also end up owing more on the car than what it's worth. They are tend to be more expensive, the reliability for the model year is unknown, and you could end up paying higher insurance and tax costs.

Uncomfortable shoes/clothes

First of all, "ain't nobody go time" for uncomfortable attire. There was once a time, in the name of fashion that I was willing to buy and wear such clothes and shoes just to be able to say I looked good wear the clothes and shoes. As a woman in the 30's, I strive for comfort, cute, and well.......CHIQUE! I love heels but I refuse to walk around like a baby deer who was just born trying to get its footing together.

Expensive sun glasses

I am not a sunglasses collector and maybe this could be why this is on my list but I feel like it is a waste of money. I have two good pair of sunnies in my car right now and neither of them cost me over $40. Sunglasses are not worth spending a lot of money on unless they are prescription. At this point, you are just paying for the brand.

Air Freshener

I love a good smelling room like the next person but the scent fades very quickly. Even the brands that advertise up to 30 days of freshness or long last scents. Truth is they only cover the smell and in some cases add to the foul stench. Instead incense or baking soda around the room in nice little containers to help trap smells and keep the room smelling fresh.


In 2020, one things we should have learned is that health is wealth. Honestly vitamins are a waste of money. If you eat a wide variety of foods and you make healthy eating a lifestyle, truth is you don't need them. Plus there are a lot of over the counter vitamins that contain a lot of fillers and even sand (Yes.....SAND). As stated above, I personally use sea moss for my skin, my hair, and even incorporate some into my diet. Sea moss is proven to have 92 or the 102 vitamins and minerals the body needsIf a vitamin is needed, I would talk to my family doctor on which brands are more beneficial otherwise you are wasting hundreds of dollars a year. Please research on what works best for you.

(Disclaimer: if you are pregnant, prenatal vitamins are recommended. Please follow the recommendations of your OB-GYN)

I always recommend doing what works best for you and your budget but if you are into saving a coin or two, why not read through the list. You may find that you can save some money too. Leave a comment below and let us know what you no longer spend money on.

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