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Out Of Style: Are the days of the hairstylist numbered?

Not necessarily. We know that we may receive some strong opinions about this post but, we want to first let it be known that we are in no way bashing or disregarding the important role that hairstylists play in the industry and the skill needed for this profession.

We are just exploring the awesome trends that we're seeing in which clients are now taking their hair care into their own hands.

Let's talk about it.

Even before the pandemic selfcare for things such as hair and makeup were already exploding across the world. Platforms like YouTube made it easy and possible for aspiring gurus to follow along with step by step tutorials on how to achieve #Hairgoals for any given style.

Videos ranged in a variety of categories. From the naturalistas to the wigologists there is a video for you. These tutorials also provided reviews on the latest hair products, hair colors, and accessories. It was like an explosion of knowledge that we've never seen before.

There was once a time where we had to literally become a licensed beautician in order to learn some of the secrets that we are now able to learn for free via social media. With the help of some skilled influencers/creators many have learned how to cut and color their own hair, make wigs, install sew in extensions, braiding, etc.

With this newly found knowledge came a revolution that we would now be free of hopelessly trying to be booked for appointments and waiting LONG hours in shops just to pay high prices for the basics.

Cue the violins!!! We've heard countless horror stories and have also experienced some of our own. Some "bad apple" stylists were a little too scissor happy when trimming our ends. There was also a time where a stylist was running extremely late and offered no discount but still requested a tip. Those are just a few things that have motivated some to experiment with their tresses on their own. Then came Covid.

The pandemic gave most of us no choice but to branch out on our own. Even though there were a few embarrassing trials and errors....for the most part we were able to survive "hairmageddon" unfazed. In fact, we discovered just how much advancements in technology have made it easier for us beginners to have the means and equipment to style our own

hair. Some salon tools and equipment aren't as expensive as we once thought. If you have the space/room at home, the average consumer could purchase a few tools to take their home and make it into a salon experience.

On you can literally buy a professional height adjustable stand up hair dryer for $159.99. That is just one amongst many professional tools that are available to the average consumer. What we are most impressed about now is the direction that wig manufactures are taking with both their synthetic and human hair lace units.

If you are a long time fan of wearing units just as we are, I'm sure you've noticed that throughout the years the lace has become less noticeable and installation is a breeze. There are so many units to choose from. Some of our favs include HD Lace and Headband wigs. Most of the styles and color options available now are what we use to pay to sit for hours in a salon to achieve. With the constant advancement of these units...we may never go back to our former life of placing our hair in someone else's hands. Just our opinion.


Hairstylist provide so much more than just performing miracles with our hair. For many clients, they are part-time therapist who provide an environment of community. We still love the feel of getting our hair done when we need a new and creative look however, we do see a new era beginning where the chance of having a great hairstyle is more easily in the hands of the clients. Do you agree? Let us know below.

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