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Putting the "REST" in "UnREST": 5 things we're doing during Quarantine

So by now it seems we’ve all began to settle into somewhat of a new normal. No lie sis, the quarantine had us almost bugging out at first.

Once we moved past that, we began to think about all the things that we once enjoyed and how we took them for granted. Being quarantined has not only forced us to be creative in many ways, it also has allowed us to take a step back and focus on some essential things that we’ve been needing to do for a while.

So, since we’re all here we thought it would be fun to share the top 5 things that we’re doing during the quarantine.


In the evenings we love finding a nice place in the house to settle into. We set the scene by lighting candles and filling the air with the scent of our burning sage.

We love meditation because it allows you to clear your mind of everything and just focus in on the moment. Take a deep breath and listen to either some relaxing sounds of your choice, an ASMR, or just simply sit in silence.

Allowing your mind to rest from stress and also to cut off from any outside distractions will give you the opportunity to become more focused and aids in building what we like to call "mental strength".

We highly recommend meditation and we’ll guarantee that you’ll also learn some new meditation lingo such as Zen and "Chakras in no time.

Working Out

You can’t strengthen your mind without strengthening your body. Now, is the time to pull out all the cute workout clothes that you’ve probably just been using to pose for the gram.

Girl, we have all this time on our hands so, what’s wrong with using it to get summer time fine? If you want to build a routine, you can switch things up by starting the week off with Yoga and then some cardio by the end of the week.

Working out gives us something to look forward to and adds some discipline to our day. So, let’s get up and keep moving.

Spring Cleaning

Out with the neutrals and in with the pastels!!! Brighten your home and wardrobe for spring by doing a little spring cleaning.

That cute chunky sweater that we just HAD to have along with those matching cashmere gloves are going into that dreaded pile of winter’s past.

One huge benefit of spring cleaning is being able to donate some of your gently used items for a great cause or even to generate a small profit.

With the economic impact that we are all currently facing, donating clothing, furniture, movies, and toys could mean the world to someone in need.

Also, if you are in need of a little extra cash yourself, there are sites like eBay, thredUP, and Poshmark to name a few.

Be bold and rearrange your furniture. Try also adding in a few new spring pieces around your home to lighten up any spaces and make them pop. Feng shui is the real deal sis. We wouldn’t steer you wrong. With a clear space, comes a clear mind. Organization inspires creative ideas.

Perfecting Your Skills

What’s that project you've been meaning to get to if only you had the time? That makeup look you’ve been trying to perfect? Or that design that has just been an idea for only 1000 years? This is the perfect time to start on those projects.

One thing that we’ve been wanting to learn to do for a while is to make our own custom wigs. We also want to look into making some self-care items such as hair masks and body scrubs.

A few other beneficial ideas that we have for this downtime include:

  • Starting a side hustle

  • working on boosting your health

  • working on your vision board

Investing in yourself is a major win and now is the time.

Binge Watching

Binge watching our favorite shows is one of our guilty pleasures with or without being under quarantine. With some extra time on our hands these days, we’ve been excited to catch up on all of our favorite shows to give ourselves a break from the current events.

So far, there hasn’t really been a need a pace ourselves because there are a variety of shows available on the almost never ending lists of available streaming services.

A few of our favs to binge watch have been shows such as All American, NCIS, and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. TV shows aren’t the only thing that’s binge worthy at this time. We’ve also been binging on our favorite books and podcasts.

Michelle Obama’s book Becoming is #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list. We haven’t been able to put it down because it is a must read and is extremely inspirational. If you are looking for a podcast to spark your creativity, tune into Girlboss Radio of course. This podcast offers interviews with some of the top women in business today.


Now that you’ve heard what we’ve been up to, we want to hear from you. What have you been up to since the quarantine? Drop us a few of your ideas in the comments below on how you are staying busy and being productive during this time.

- Stay Safe xoxo

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