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Show me some skin! 8 nutritious foods for clear skin

With COVID-19 going on, I haven't had much of a reason to beat my face. I will admit, my makeup palettes and full on glam tools, have not been touched in.......dare I say MONTHS! While I love a good lash and some shimmery eyes, I love great looking skin. Skin care has always been a big deal to me but recently working on my skin has been my beauty regimen. I want to be able to look BEAT without the BEAT! As they always say, you are what you eat, so here are a few foods to incorporate into your diet while trying to achieve that gorgeous glow from the inside out.

ORANGE you glad to see me?!

I know you all have seen the trend with Vitamin C serums and thats for a good reason. Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin C helps to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, and age related dry skin as well. Not only are they tasty, but they keep you looking fine like good wine. So stock up on some oranges and others foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as: papaya, grapefruits, strawberries, brussels sprouts, pineapples, and mangos just to name a few. P.S.--Vitamin C is good for helping you fight colds during this cold and flu season.

Oh KALE naw....Oh KALE yes!

Deep green leafy vegetables, like kale are beneficial to your diet. They have high levels of Vitamin K which is great for your liver and INR levels. However, since the topic is skin care, it is a great source of Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin cells. Did you know that Vitamin A is one of the main ingredients in Retin-A which is a medication often used to treat acne and other skin conditions. Retin-A is usually given via prescription but there are several over the counter skin care products that contain Retinol. Though, retinol is a little weaker than Retin-A, they both essentially do the same thing. However, just incorporating some kale or other green leafy veggies into your diet will help obtain that flawless skin.

Yoplait'd out!

This one is a hard one for me. I wish that I could eat yogurt. I can't stand the after taste for whatever reason but that doesn't mean that it should stop you from eating all the yogurt your heart desires. YOGURT FIGHTS WRINKLES.....periodt! Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps aid in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Creating small pores and tightens the skin. Yogurt is also rich in Vitamin B which helps to detoxify the skin. Now, one important note to take from this is to make sure its plain yogurt or greek yogurt. A lot of flavored yogurts are heavy in sugar which may have an adverse effect on the skin and that is not why we are talking about this topic. We want that glass skin......or at least clear smooth skin.

Don't take me for pomegranate....

Did you know that pomegranates help to regulate blood flow which is great for glowing skin?! It also contains antimicrobials from Vitamin C that help to fight bacteria. It also improves the production of collagen and has anti-aging properties which improves the texture of your skin. I mean, talk about a power plant! Count me in........

Praise break

We are only half way through the list and I am already excited about my skin. How about you? Moving on, shall we..........

We are most definitely singing praises for avocados. This super food has plenty of benefits from hair to skin. Whether applied topically or consumed. Avocados are known to soften and hydrate the skin which helps to fine lines and wrinkles. Applying avocados to your skin regimen helps to reset the stress on your skin from environmental factors. Avocados contain Vitamins A, C, D, E, and good fats that help to penetrate the skin beyond the surface level. It is also good for daily use as a facial moisturizer. I mean, what more could you ask for?!

You are Walnuts!

Walnuts are amazing for the skin. Not only are they high in omega 3 fatty acids, but they also increase collagen production. Say it with me "we want COLLAGEN!" is your turn. This leaves the skin looking youthful and plump. It is also has other great benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, stress, and reduces inflammation in the body, including the skin. Walnuts also contain Vitamin E, zinc, and is packed with protein. Maybe a walnut (or two, or three) a day, keeps the wrinkles at bay.

Tomato, Tomaato

However you say it, tomatoes are a good source of an antioxidant called 'lycopene' which are great natural protection against UV damage. Tomatoes also contain Vitamin C, which as stated above, helps to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and age related dry skin. Eating tomatoes keep the skin looking plump and smooth. So why not eat them, especially in the summertime. You don't want to end up looking like them due to sunburns.

Oooh, you so sweet potatoes!

Sweet potato season has arrived, with the holidays being here and what not. They are important to incorporate into a balanced diet but did you know they have skin benefits sis?! Yaaassss! Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and antioxidants which a great for gut health. They also contain what is called 'beta carotene' which is a nutrient found in most plants which converts to Vitamin A in your body. Beta carotene also acts as a natural sunblock to help protect the skin, and prevents cell death and dry skin. Even the color of sweet potatoes helps the overall appearance of your skin. Pass me the sweet potatoes sis.....

I love discussing foods that are beneficial to our beauty regimens but also to our health overall. Maybe we can incorporate some of these into out diets if we do not already. I know there are several foods that help in assist with the appearance of our skin and body. What are some of your favorites that have given you some results. CLEAR AND SMOOTH SKIN HERE WE COME! Leave a comment below, if we missed anything.

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