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SIS ARE YOU OK? 6 ways to know if you need a mental break.

Some people feel if they admit they are "not fine" then others will judge them for not having good days all the time. Truth is mental health affects all of us, some more than others. What we don't tell ourselves is that mental health is just as important and physical exercise. In fact, it is even more important. Have you ever heard the phrase "you can only go place the mind allows"?! With the pandemic going, job uncertainty, and having to spend more time with the ones you love in quarantine, you are almost forced to find your center and peace.

Here are a few signs that you may need a break to work on your mental sis.....

Confused thinking

You can't think straight or you have an issue collecting your thoughts. You may also feel like you have a hard time remembering things like you used to especially if you not in an age range where this is normal. You may feel like you are missing details or you cannot see things as a whole. This could be a sign you need a mental break. I know when i feel completely scatter brained, I need to step away from whatever I'm doing for a moment; even if its 30 minutes to sort through my collection of mental data. This is certainly important, as it leads your into the next step.

Changes in eating/sleeping patterns

If you find yourself lying at night wide awake, your body is tire but your mind won't let you fall asleep. You may even have a sleep anxiety. If you're like me, I have sleep anxiety which stemmed from grief. My mind races and I realize I have to listen to music or something because the silence makes me anxious. I also realize my eating patterns change. Depending on the stress, I overeat or I don't eat at all. This is not healthy because your weight ends up fluctuating or you reach a plateau. Due to lack of sleep, your body is not able to fully reset itself which can lead to weight issues as well.


There are a lot of things that could create irritability. Some include lack of sleep (as mentioned above), life changes/stress, and even hormonal changes. Sadness does not always mean tears and breakdowns but more so a feeling of solemness and sometimes internal solitude. You may even experience some of these same feelings when your blood sugar is low, have low vitamin D levels, or even other underlining infections. However, feeling sad or irritable can weigh heavy on the mind and can ultimately have physical effects as well.

Social Withdrawals

Again, feelings of sadness and irritability can cause you to withdrawal from certain situations. You may feel as though no one understands what you are feeling. you may even noticed your tolerance/temper is short. This may have caused others to see the changes in your mood, and they may withdraw themselves from you creating more of a distance.

Feelings of Anger

Irritability causes people to lash out at times. Not on purpose either. Its just that you have not had time to rationalize all of your emotions. This can result in anger. For me, its more feelings of anger towards myself for being anxious and I feel I cannot control my thoughts. Sometimes because your emotions are all over the place, it usually comes out in one of two ways. Anger or tears.


Constant worry and anxiety can be the baseline for the above symptoms mentioned. Usually anxiety, is your body's natural response to stress. Anxiety can be a result of post traumatic situations (PTSD), a panic disorder, social anxieties, obsessive compulsiveness (OCD), or just general anxiety. The unknown is a stressor in itself. Not knowing what to expect whether good/bad or if you are like me; rehearsal scenarios that have never happened can create fear that feels very much real. This can create a storm of other health issues if it is not handled properly and taken seriously but it starts with you.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these listed (especially in the extreme cases) please contact your doctor. There are also several sites that are willing to help and they are 24/7. Listed below are a links to a few:

You can also google any organizations in your area to help get you the help that you need.

For self care tips, feel free to click the links below to some of our other blogs. Maybe we can help on a minor scale to help you to relax.

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