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Spring Makeover: How to take your Underwear from Drab to Fab

Your outerwear isn't the only thing that should get an upgrade for Spring and Summer. Underwear has just as much importance as outerwear. Changing up your unmentionables can add an extra boost of confidence as well as adding more variety/spice to your line up. Let's face it, we can never have enough underwear and adding in some fresh new styles and colors will have you feeling well put together from the inside out. Take a look at how you too can take your underwear from drab to FAB.

Brighten Things Up

If you're still wearing those "Merry Christmas" undies that so many of us purchased during the holidays,'s time for an upgrade. No shade at all but for spring its so refreshing to brighten things up. Put aside those dark muted wine colors and winter greens.

Try incorporating some bright yellows and vibrant oranges. Pinks, corals, blues, and violets also add just the right pop of color and look absolutely gorgeous on ALL skin tones. It's time to get out of that winter rut and shop for those fun new pieces that are sure to add even more style and flare to your collection.

Embrace New Styles and Patterns

If you haven't noticed, there are millions of unique designs and patterns for underwear out on the market today. Many brands are getting downright creative and competitive when it comes to adding in fresh new ideas and styles that their target consumers would love.

Mesh designs are very popular today as are floral prints. Of course you can never go wrong with some tried and true favorite materials such as lace and silk. Bras with thicker bra straps are also becoming an increasingly popular sight across many of the big brands' look books.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying something new when shopping for your new spring underwear pieces. Step outside of your comfort zone and surprise yourself by purchasing something you never thought would work for you. After all, variety is the spice of life right?

Discover Your Style

To be or not to be CHEEKY... it's definitely up to you. When it comes to shopping for undies comfort is definitely key however, any style can surely be worn year round. If you're having a bit of anxiety about what would work best for you, we can definitely relate. As we previously talked about above, there is nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing what may become your new go to style.

Firstly, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of underwear that are on the market today. Some may like a more backless piece such as with thongs or "cheeky" underwear while other's may prefer more of a brief style like a high rise or boy shorts. It can be overwhelming with so much variety however, it's all about what speaks to your personality.

After having a clear understanding of your style, you now need to know where to shop. The lists of trendy brands are endless however, here are a few of our favs:

  • Savage X Fenty

  • Victoria Secret

  • Shein

  • Adore Me


Each season can signify a new beginning. Updating something as simple as your underwear drawer can be the first step in reorganizing yourself every few months. Trust us, you'll feel so much better and will add more glam to your ever changing style.

Let us know below what tips you may have for updating ALL of your wardrobe for Spring and Summer.

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