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Stilettos or Block Heels?! Our Pros and Cons 2021

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

I looooooove a good stiletto heel because they make your calves look magical but as I stated in a previous post......these days I am looking for comfort. (Inserts previous post: Block heels definitely give a bit more comfort and are just as stylish as a stiletto. Another great fact is that block heels can also be worn dressed down. Could we just be comparing apples to oranges? Maybe. Let's weigh in on the pros and cons of both styles and you decide what works for you.

First up, the oh so sexy stiletto:

When I think of a stiletto, the thought of a cool female spy comes to mind. They're classy and sophisticated yet their stiletto heels can also be used as a weapon if need be.

My first pair of stiletto heels came from Bakers. A widely successful St. Louis based retailer that sold trendy women's shoes and accessories in malls nationwide.

I remember trying my new pair of heels on in store. They were black with a closed toe and made of leather. The heel was very high and narrow with a skinny ankle strap added as well. Once I took a look in the mirror wearing my new heels, I began to see just how this style could add an elegant and classic look to just about any outfit. I felt taller and not to mention these heels seemed to push everything up. Instantly, I threw out all of my old block heels and gravitated towards an overload of stiletto heels. Everything from knee high boots to stunning platform heels.

In the midst of this, I soon found out that these shoes weren't made for walking. I found myself gravitating back to those then "outdated" chunky heels that always gave me a look and brought a bit more ease when walking.

Next up, the stylish and sturdy block heel:

Stiletto heels have been around for quite a long time however, the emergence of the block heel sometime in the mid to late 60's and early 70's changed the game.

Even though I didn't get the pleasure of being around at that time, looking back on the trends and styles of that era made it easy for me to understand why this heel has returned. Block heels can be worn all season long and are amongst the easiest to walk in next to wedges in my opinion.

Another great thing about these heels is that the heel can come in different sizes.

If tall block heels aren't your thing, no worries. Shorter block heels are still really cute and will give you an effortlessly chique look even when dressed down. If you are looking for a summer shoe that incorporates the block heel, check out these cute clear barely there block heel sandals from

Pair those with some cute jeans or a form fitting midi dress and thank us later sis.

We absolutely cant wait to see what trends for heels will emerge next. If you cant tell by now, we love both stilettos and block heels. When it comes to walking into a lit party and taking a seat, we'll definitely rock our stilettos. For those nights out with friends where we may want to indulge in a "lituation" and still look chique, we'll definitely rock out in our block heels.

Give us your opinion in the comments on this topic and let us know what team you're on. We cant wait to see if you agree. Also, leave us a heart to let us know that you enjoyed this post.

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