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2Sense Story time: My Wig Got Snatched...Literally!!!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

"All that crying over a darn wig....GIVE IT HERE"!!!!

Those were the last words that I heard before I saw my weave ponytail fly past me as I sat in a moving car. It all started when my sister and I were late one morning rushing to school. Summer had just ended and I was anxious to wear my new weave ponytail to school. I got up with just enough time to try to slick my hair back and install my weave however, I just couldn't recreate that perfect look that I recently rocked during the summer. Time was ticking and with my mom yelling at me, I couldn't concentrate.

I stormed out of the bathroom with unfinished hair hoping I'd be able to just fix it in the car. When we got on the road I tried brushing my hair and putting hair pins in to hold everything in place but, I just couldn't get it right. I'm sitting in the back seat complaining and crying about how I just cant get this ponytail to act right. Sis.....When I tell you my mom was over it!!! She had enough!!!! She was driving when she turned around and said..."All that crying over a darn wig....give it here"!!! She somehow reached her arm around to the back seat and snatched my ponytail off of my head. It happened so fast. The next thing I know...I see my ponytail fly right out of the driver's side window. All I could think about was "I am not my hair" by India Arie as my weave flew past my window in slow motion and into oncoming traffic. When I finally got to school I was so mad. I didn't have a choice but to try and slay my real hair. Which didn't turn out to be half bad.

Now, to all those out there who want to say that this was so mean or how could she do that? I will agree that while there was a better way to deal with my complaining, it is hilarious looking back on it now.

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