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Wake and Bake: Our Flawless 10-Minute Makeup Routine

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Let's face it, we all have places to go and people to see but if you are anything like us, sacrificing a light face beat on days where we have tired eyes and grown out brows is a no-no.

If you would like to achieve a look that isn't giving "she just rolled out of bed", follow along with us as we let you in on our flawless 10-minute makeup routine.

Step #1 - Just Browsing

When we are rushing to put on our makeup our brows are one of the first things we reach for. Brows frame the face so even if you don't include any other makeup, brows should at least be neatly brushed and trimmed.

For a quick brow makeover when you don't have time to outline and conceal your brows, a clear brow gel; spooly; and colored brow pomade/pencil will do. Use the spooly to brush through and shape your brows. Next, quickly apply a clear brow gel to keep them in place. A brow pomade or pencil that is the same shade of either your natural brows or your hair color should be used to lightly fill in any sparse areas of your brows. Voila!!! You're ready to conquer the day and it only took a few minutes.

Step #2 - Natural Shade Only

Adding a little eyeshadow to a quick makeup routine won't hurt. The secret is to keep it down to one -two shades. The main shade to use is a neutral shade that almost matches your skin tone. Using a neutral shade helps to give off a more natural "makeup no makeup" look. Keeping the shade of eyeshadow neutral also allows for it to match any outfit that you may decide to wear.

If you want to add a bit more glow to your look, dab a bit of highlight into the corner of your eye or across your brow bone using a highlight shade.

Step #3 - Line It Up

Eyeliner is truly our bestie. Adding a nice wing using black eyeliner on your lids can add some edge to a quick makeup look however, if you don't have time to accomplish a perfectly winged out liner, try a soft, thin line that will assist in filling out your mascara.

Mascara is also a MUST when it comes to any makeup routine. In addition to nicely shaped eyebrows, we also apply a few coats of mascara to our lashes to wake up our eyes. Macara is one of those things that you can wear alone with a light lip gloss and still manage to look like you've put a little effort into your look.

Step #4 - Foundation

We also love adding a dab of tinted foundation just to make sure that our skin tone is even and to add a little color to our faces. In addition, SPF Sunscreen is also added to many formulas of many foundations, so we know that we're protected while out in the nice spring sun.

Another thing we cannot live without is our concealer. Brushing a little around our undereye area helps to camouflage any fine lines we might have and also helps to wake up the eyes. It also helps with spot concealing any small dark marks or blemishes we may have

Step #5 - Just Add Gloss

Last but not least, this is what we like to call the icing on the cake. Makeup routines cannot be complete without lip gloss or lipstick. Wearing a lippie by itself will give a bear face a bit of glam but adding it to a quick makeup routine will really complete your look. You're now ready to head out the door.

We want to hear from you....

Leave us a comment and let us know what your makeup regiment includes when you're short on time. Do you use most of the items listed in our post? What tips would you like to add to this post?


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