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4 Simple Tips to Make the Best of Surviving a Breakup

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

There's nothing like the excitement of the beginning stages of a new relationship. In the beginning you feel butterflies along with the desire each day to hear from that person that you are interested in. When you are with them, time seems to fly by unnoticed. Each time you receive a notification on your phone, you nervously check it while hoping that it could be them.

It's like you talk on the phone for hours and want to know all the details about that person. It used to be that you would hang on every word they said until one day, something happened, and you could no longer look at them in the same way.

Why does it hurt so bad? There was a time when you felt as if you were building something with this person only to see it fade away. Suddenly, that person you would've once done anything for now seems like just another stranger.

Depending on the circumstances, the first few days following a breakup may be exhausting. Some of us listen to those oh too familiar breakup anthems while binge eating our favorite junk foods. Or we may even try and distract ourselves by immediately throwing ourselves into rigorous self-care routines just to feel okay. We've all been there which is why we have 4 Simple Tips to Make the Best of Surviving a Breakup

Tip #1 -Sis Let's Meditate

We've mentioned mediation in several of our past blog post but really, mediation allows for you to find clarity within any situation. Sit with yourself and your feelings in order to gain an understanding of who you truly are and where you want to be.

Self-reflection will have you build yourself back up with a renewed focus and energy. Think about how you want to leave the past behind you and better yourself. Reiterate goals that you've set while also committing to lifestyle changes. The only way to emerge from this situation is by doing the work on self.

Tip #2 - Prioritize your Life

Now is the time to make sure that you are the priority in your life. There is nothing wrong with gradually adding in some self-care routines in order to get you back to feeling like yourself. Sometimes we can lose ourselves when in a relationship. We focus so much on making sure that the person who we're involved with is happy and that their needs are met. We often times would forget that we need to show ourselves the same love and appreciation. With no one else in the picture, we can now fully gather ourselves and proceed to work on what we need in order to step back out there both feeling and looking renewed.

"Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option". - Mark Twain

Keep in mind that we HAVE options but we're NOT options. Let's go get a manicure, get back in the gym, and get our wardrobes ready for travel while showing off for the gram.

Tip #3 - Daily Affirmations

Begin your day by reading and/or writing daily affirmations. Building ourselves up mentally with a positive start to our day will train our minds to weed out negativity including old habits that no longer serve us. Having a solid mindset will give you a foundation in which you are sure of yourself and won't be swayed in any future relationships that you may decide to have.

This definitely does not happen overnight however, there are a few easy ways that you can start. If you're unsure, we recommend installing a daily affirmation app on your phone or using post-it notes around your home with hand-written positive messages for yourself.

Tip #4 - Use that Block Button

"Out of sight, out of mind", as the old saying goes. For those who don't want to take a peek on their ex's social media pages (depending on the circumstances that led to the breakup), block him/her. It will also keep your ex from spying on your page as well. Some people like to keep their pages accessible to show him/her what they've missed, but if you're genuine about not being dragged into a situation that didn't serve you, block them on everything.

In Conclusion.....

Never hide your emotions from yourself. Allow yourself to feel the pain and hurt of the situation so that you can heal. No one can tell you how long it takes to get over someone you really cared about. The solution is knowing your worth and how great of a person you are. A lot of out tips may be easier said than done but, it's a start to putting the pieces of yourself back together that may have been broken as a result of the breakup.

We want to hear from you. Please leave us a comment down below and let us know how you've dealt with a breakup.

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