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The 10 Lessons of 2023

This year we learned a lot about ourselves. We’ve even collected a few gems along the way that may be worth sharing. Here are 10 lessons that impacted our year and for many years to come.

#1: Let It Go:

Seriously! Learn to truly let it go. So many times we think if we step away from a situation, that means we have gotten over it. The truth is that stepping away is half the battle. You can still be mentally consumed with a situation and it affects your wellbeing even outside of the ordeal. Let it go mentally and emotionally, then it will be easier to walk away physically and not look back.

#2 Heal from the Inside Out:

As stated above, you have to let go from the inside first otherwise you’ll keep finding ways to come back. Once you heal your mind, you will see a reflection of that physically. The mind is very powerful. We always talk about manifestation. Let’s try to manifest our healing.

#3 It is better to be a Lone Ranger than a Gang:

We have learned to be ok with being alone. Solitude helps with thinking and self-awareness. Learn who you are and what you love. You may discover a new passion that was inside you all along.

#4 Time is currency:

If we spent our time as carefully as we did our money, we would be much happier. Be very stingy with your time, who you spend it with, and what you spend it on. Unlike money, you will never recoup what was lost.

#5 Happiness is a choice:

This was a big lesson this year as there are so many reasons in the world to be unhappy. So many tribulations in the world around us and even sometimes in our own homes, which can weigh you down if you allow them to. You are the key to your happiness. Don’t rely on people, places, or things to be your source of joy. Those things wither away. Find what makes you smile.

#6 Laugh, often!:

Just like the saying goes; find the silver lining in every cloud. Find a reason to laugh every single day. Whether it’s a joke, a song, a story, etc. Make a point to find something to laugh about. We love to laugh as much as possible. Loud, long, and clear until our tummies hurt.

#7 Cry A Little:

This may sound counterproductive but sometimes you just need a good cry session. Crying is healing and a cleansing of the soul. Sometimes you don’t have the words, but you have the feelings. Release it.

#8 Find the Best Version of You:

Whatever that looks like. Solitude is another way to find that version of yourself. What do you like? What would she/he/they wear? How would she/he/they think or act? Become the dream version of yourself you always envisioned yourself to be.

#9 Get Out; Go enjoy life!:

Take walks in the park. Try new foods. Take a new class. Learn a new hobby. Travel. Make new friends. Take a solo trip. Go see a play. Hear a live band. Just get out and enjoy, whether you have ppl to go with or not. It does not cost a lot of money to try new experiences. Start small and plan for the big things.

#10 Be kind, Always:

There are a lot of people fighting silent battles that we know nothing about. Remember what you put out, you get back. Sometimes it is hard. Everyone has their days. Do your best to make every encounter someone has with you, count. It just might make someone’s day.

What are some lessons you have learned this year that you have implemented in your everyday life? Was 2023 challenging for you? Do you feel like you have progressed? What are some of the lessons you take from this list that you will be taking into 2024? Leave a comment below and let's discuss!

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