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These Fall Favs are All The Rave

Its no secret that fall is my favorite season of the year! It's a nice blend between winter and summer. You get that cool crisp breeze in the mornings and by the evenings it may be a nice warm day. The colors are eye catching and the leaves falling represents the beginning of new beginnings.

There are a few things that show up every year that reminds that it's that time of year. It is also the essentials that I find are a must during fall.

Pumpkin Spice......EVERYTHING

I am obsessed with pumpkin spice anything. From lattes to my favorite snacks to candles. When Starbucks puts out their pumpkin spice latte, that lets me know this is just the beginning of the season. Pumpkin became the staple of fall centuries ago.

*HISTORY LESSON* Did you know that pumpkins were described by the Greek as just large melons or as they called it, 'pepons.' However, they were later named 'squash pumpkins' by colonies of American settlers. Thus we call this very fruit a pumpkin til this day. Ever since then, its been on and POPPIN!!!!! Pumpkins are also a representation of harvesting which is usually done around this time of year.


Neutral tones are such a vibe. From mauves to earthy sage greens. Home decor and fashion has changed from the traditional burnt oranges and mustard yellows. If you notice, even some of the traditional styles for fall have changed. Pumpkins are still apart of decorating especially the closer you get to Halloween. There is a lot of home decor that uses clean whites and beige colors paired with sage green foliage, blush, and contrasted with dark tones.


This is one trend I love. I loves sweaters and maxi dresses. So why not combine the two. You have probably seen the long sweaters paired with the matching crop top and leggings. I have even seen this paired with biker shorts instead of leggings as well. Maxi sweaters can be dressed up or down and they look amazing on everyone.

Trench coats are nothing new but instead they are an old classic that continues to be recycled through generation after generation. This is another style that looks amazing on everyone and is also a versatile style. Trench coats are an excellent accent to your style for a brisk night out on the town. Perfect for just draping over your shoulders, pairing with that LBD, or actually using it as a coat.


Candles make any space cozy, calming, or even romantic (*Sidenote: cuddy buddy season coming soon). Candles can bring a mood to any event or situation whether it's a nice warm Netflix type of night or a self care Sunday. Lately, a lot of heavy hitters have been having sales and bringing on the new fall fav scents to the fore front. Though, candles are not just for fall season, they help to bring a certain ambiance to your home. They make you feel good. Scented or not candles help make any time of the day a vibe. Some of my favorite candles come from 'Bath and Body Works.' I am in love with the fall scents that bring that coziness to my home. There are also other brands like 'Yankee Candles' or even our favorite YouTuber, Jackie Aina's line 'Forvr Mood' that have amazing scents and great burn/throw performance. Clink the links below to check out the mentioned brands.

Yankee Candles:

BOOTS......are made for STRUTTING

I love boot season in general but ankle boots are IT this season! It's something about a good bootie that gives that runway, edgy, CHIQUE look to any outfit. Whether casual or dressy casual, these boots are a look! I will be the first to say, I love over the knee boots but the ankle boots add an extra sass to your outfit. This would be an amazing look if paired with the maxi sweater or blazer with some jeggings or skinny jeans and a nice fedora. Hmmm.....I'm ready to shop, are you?

So many of my favorite things come in the fall season, I only wish that it will last a little longer than it does! Tell us some of your fall faves that you love to see coming back in season each year!

Also, if you are not following or are apart of the sweetie gang, make sure you follow us on Instagram @sugarandchique. We have some exciting things coming up for you guys.

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