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Things I No Longer Care About: (Beauty Edition)

Never ever did I think I would see the day when I would say there are some things we just ca f do any more when especially when it comes to makeup. But sometimes you really gotta let go in the beauty department. So here are a few things we are no longer doing: beauty edition.

Full face....EVERYDAY


As women in our 30s less is definitely more. We are more concerned with our skincare now more than ever. 30 is the time make sure your skin isn’t aging before you do. Now there is nothing wrong with makeup everyday but concealer, mascara, and gloss can go a long way.

Trending Makeup Looks


When we in our 20s, the big makeup trends were a thing you had to be a part of. If not, you were considered out of touch. From the deep dark contour, to the shining highlights, and all the way down to the smokey eye for every occasion. This was a time when beauty guru's were finding their way and the trend was ever changing. These days the trend for us is simplicity. Its no wonder the new trend is now neutral glam because that seems to be the go-to staple. Neutral glam is a look you can transform from day to night and it looks amazing on everyone. As you age, the less makeup you have on the better. It makes you look for youthful and vibrant versus bold and exotic looks. Again you can never go wrong with a neutral look.

Super Long Lashes


At one point in time, we loved a good long lash that you could see from a mile away. These days I opt for my natural lashes or natural looking lashes. Now we are all for the girlies that love the 25mm look. However, after a certain age it is best to wear the lashes that are full but natural.

Bright Highlight


This is on the same lines as the makeup trends. At one point in time, back in 2010-2011, a very flashy highlight was the latest wave. The brighter, the better. With products like Becca Cosmetics and Iconic illuminator drops, Everyone was sure to see you shimmer and shine. However, the highlighter trend is still around but its not as bright as the sun anymore. Instead it's more of a natural glow using makeup to mimic the glow that illuminates from within and reflects outward. For us, a natural glow is the new blinding highlight.

Not using sunscreen


Like any young adult, we did not feel sunscreen was a necessary step. We felt like sunscreen was something you wore to the beach or if you were going to be in the sun for a long period of time. Now, we cannot stress the usage of sunscreen enough. You are never too young or too old to start protecting your skin. It not only helps to prevent skin cancers and sunburns, but it also helps to reduce the signs of premature aging. I mean after 30, who wouldn't want to stop the signs of premature aging?!

Makeup should be simple especially once you get older. Some of our favorite looks are simple yet soft glam. It has since become the stand out glam. What are some things you guys have given up when it comes to makeup? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Dec 05, 2022

Well, I've given up on heaven eye shadows. The smokey eye look definitely had me in a choke hold!

Sugar & Chique'
Sugar & Chique'
Dec 07, 2022
Replying to

Almost every eye look at one point in time was a smokey eye! It was either that or heavy eye liner, lol. Sort of like a mini smokey look :P

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