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Tips for Living Your Best Life

Have you ever wondered what its like to live carefree and to your fullest potential?! Have you ever looked at some people and are they just living life like that? Well here are a few tips that will help you to not only live your best life but help you to become the best version of yourself you have ever seen.


Having confidence in yourself sounds so cliche but it is so true. As the old saying goes: "Confidence is not "they will like me." Confidence is "I'll be fine if they don't." No matter how you look, what you wear, what race you are, what your personality is like......confidence can take you far. You have to be your own hype man (*insert a pic of Flavor Flav*). Think of your life as a business; would you let just anyone come in to define your business? Come in and let their opinions change the way you run things or the way you make/spend your money? And who is going to do self promo better than you? EXACTLY SIS!!! When you step into that level of yourself, you have truly begun living your potential.


My mom used to say "make sure home is taken care of before you go anywhere you can't afford." This has stuck with me my whole life. I know a lot of people make it seem like you have to spend X amount of dollars and take trips in order to live your best life but truth is: you want to be able to do these things and not be in debt when you get back home. Also, the stress that comes along with bad debt.....whoooa child!!!! Just thinking about it is pushing my edges back. Never under estimate the power in saving and there are so many ways to put money back. When I started saving, I would put a dollar a day into my savings until I was able to put more in. Hey, anything helps.


If you have not dealt with letting go of physical or emotional baggage, you are setting yourself for failure. Self care is key. Finding ways to deal with emotional trauma, stress, or anxiety can help to keep those stress levels down. Remember sis, we are too blessed to be stressed. Try meditation or yoga. Exercise is a way a great way to release endorphins and sweat. For more information on self care, check out our previous post--> .


I think this tip speaks for itself. Social media has a way of bending your views on reality. People only post the highs in their lives and not the lows. Some posts are old pictures they saved for when they have nothing else to post, so it seems like their daily lives are perfect. Don't believe the hype sis! Move at your own pace and take a social media detox.

What are some of the things you do to live your best life?

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