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Top 5 Best Places to Find Inspiration for Your Outfits

Finding fashion inspo these days is so simple. Going high tech is one way that we'll be discussing in this post but, what about simply taking a look outside of your window?

We cant count how many times we've seen someone walking their dog wearing an adorable pair of leggings and giving us casual "on the go" chiqueness. #instapicvibes

The beautiful thing about fashion is that it involves expression. Everyone on earth gets the opportunity to show their personality through their style therefore, giving us inspiration everywhere. Take a look at these top 5 best places to find inspiration for your outfits.


We know that some of you may think we're a bit old school for suggesting this but, magazines are still very much popping. We definitely understand that looking things up online is way more convenient than flipping through pages of a book however, magazines will still keep you up to date on current trends for the season.

We're definitely guilty of standing at the checkout counter thumbing through a "who wore it best" article in order to find some style inspiration from our favorite celebs.

If you have a concern about where to find something that you saw in a magazine, don't worry. Traditional paperback magazines have also upgraded to high tech by adding in things like scannable QR Codes and listing websites of where to shop.

Finding that cute Fashion Nova dress that Megan thee Stallion wore in the latest issue of Harper Bazaar is definitely still possible using the "magazine method".


Back before there was an Instagram or a Pinterest there was this little thing called television. TV is littered with style expression from award shows to soap operas. Not to mention the endless amounts of fashion shows and style reports that are often televised for the viewing pleasures of a budding fashionista.

Our favorite places on TV where we've been known to frequently capture our style inspiration include:

  • Music Videos - For an edgy look

  • Soap Operas - For sophistication

  • Reality Shows - For glam brunch looks

  • Fashion Shows - To stay up to date on the hottest trends

Ever saw someone on TV and thought "I would love to have a look like that"? Try taking bits and pieces from what you've seen and make it your own. Or create a fashionable dupe.

The Beach

Tis the season for vacations. You may be wondering what does the beach have to do with style inspo? Our answer to that is plenty!!! What better place is there to find inspiration for an upcoming vacation than to see what chique pieces people are rocking this summer at the beach?

Soak in those sun rays and take notes of all of the different colors, styles, and patterns you may want to try out for your beach attire. Also, don't forget about all of the trendy accessories and bags you may want to match with your swimsuit while on that tropical much needed vacay.


Remember when we said that we'll be discussing some high tech ways that you can find inspiration for your outfits? This is what we mean. What would we do without the awesomeness know as Pinterest?

If you haven't yet tapped into all of the amazing features this app has to offer, where have you been? Amongst the many things you can find on Pinterest, there are no shortages of pictures that you can pin and use as your style muse. Most items on Pinterest contain links where you can find an item or more information about an item that you're searching for.

You can pin several pictures to your board and build up your wish list for everything you want to buy. Check it out!


Our absolute FAV!!! You must be living in a dark cave in the middle of absolutely no where if you haven't at least heard of Instagram. We LOVE this app which allows us to follow all of our fashion must haves and influencer's pages.

We recommend looking up brands that you already wear and love. Instagram has also added a new feature that allows you to shop from brands that you follow right on the Instagram app.

Don't forget to check out your explore page which should feature items that are either from or similar to the pages that you follow.

Where do you find inspiration for your outfits? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you haven't already, check us out on Instagram and show us some love. ❤

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