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Top 5 Insanely Popular Curl Patterns of 2021

2021 has been a great year for curls. Whether you've been using some awesome styling tools or just sporting your own naturally made coils, you can't deny that their presence was everywhere this year. Let's explore some of this year's most popping curl patterns and determine whether or not we'll see them making a return next year.

Tight Curls

These GORGEOUS naturally tight curls are the most sought after appearing everywhere on full display this year. Speaking from personal experience, these curls aren't the easiest when it comes to maintenance. Finding the right products, however, will allow for you to train your curls and define their pattern. These curls also offer a wide array of styling options such as cute puffy ponytails and messy bun styles. There is no way these curls are ever going anywhere and the way that we style them will be even more creative for years to come.

Loose Curls

We are in love with these curls!!! This style totally gives off elegant vibes while also adding a bit of edge. If you're styling them with a nice short bob, loose curls provide a nice frame around your face.

Another thing we loved seeing with these curls is that when you add a nice ombre of colors to them they will give off some interesting shade combinations throughout your hair. This was not a new style that started this year; however, it continues to transcend each year and will definitely continue giving us "angelic" vibes in 2022.

Barrel Curls

These curls are just like jeans.... will they ever go out of style? We think NOT!!! For decades women across the world have worn these voluminous curls and in 2021, things were no different. There's nothing like feeling warm freshly curled hair falling over your face and then brushing it out to reveal a truly glamours effect.

If you are looking to add some bounce into your new year, we highly recommend trying this look at least once. This style is so easy to achieve and works best on long to medium hair lengths.

The "Wave Curl

We won't be waving goodbye to this style anytime soon. These are technically not curls but, very popular in 2021. These soft "beach wave" type patterns are so refreshing. They give a look almost as if your curls have fallen but, hold on just enough to still give what needs to be gave. These waves/curls also look AMAZING when added to an updo. Will we see a plethora of brides rocking soft waves in their 2022 bridal shoots? Absolutely!

The Spiral

Sis, we've been here for it!! Once again, the spiral curl has remained a constant hit and will still hold weight in 2022. If this curl pattern naturally flows from your head, you won't need to use some of the tools and/or products that are out on the market today to achieve this gorgeous style.

When freshly done and defined these curls will give you the volume, texture, and shape that every girl loves to flaunt.

Warning: these curls look best when moisturized and not frizzy or tangled. Let your ringlets flow as we spiral into 2022.

Let us know what curls you've been rocking all year long. Also, tell us what hair you're thinking about sporting for New Year's Eve. Leave us a and please show us some love.

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