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Totally bangin comeback styles, fresh from the 90's

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

History always repeats itself and trends always come back. The 90's is the latest decade to make its way back onto the scene with the bright bold colors and funky fresh style. As a girl born in the 80's but raised in the 90's, let me tell you, I am here for the come back sis....mmmkay?! Here are a few styles that have made their way back on the scene.

Fanny Packs: you know, the bags you wear hand and stress free around your waist? Yes, sis! They have made a come back in full swing. Today men seem to be sporting them and making statements these days. Even most major designer brands are getting in on the action of the fanny pack. Totally bangin!!!!!

Biker Shorts: Some would say a certain person from a certain famous family is responsible for bringing the biker shorts trend back into our lives. They have come back in style and do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Today's biker shorts can be dressed up for a dressy casual look or just as casual wear. These shorts are not just for biking......haha!!! Get it?! No?! ok...moving on.

NEON colors: it's all about the bold. It's all about the bright. Neon

colors are perfect for the summer. The neon color theme has exploded back onto the scene from nails, to clothes, from makeup looks, to bright colored hair. If you are not into the bright colors, you are hella trippin!

Overalls: I mean, who doesn't love a pair? This is one style that has definitely been revamped. You can be sexy chique, rock a sporty look with a pair of old school Converse, or wear them the old fashion way with one strap over the shoulder. Overalls have become so diverse and this is definitely one style I am so glad came back into rotation. However, you decide to wear them, you will be all that and a bag a chips boo!

Backpack Bags/Purses: Who remembers being hella fly caring one of these bad boys?! Now you can carry your Tamagotchi....I mean iPhone in style. If you never thought this style would come back in style, talk to the hand because now your favorite designers have gotten in on the action. Just like the fanny pack, you can find new innovative ways to style your bag into the future. However, I don't think the stuffed animal purses will see their way back anytime soon but hey you never know what you might see come back.....BOOYAH!!!!

What styles from way back in the way back do you think will make their way back into your adulthood?

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