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TRUE STORY: I tried to do my own BLONDE highlights

Honey..............I know you read that title so let's get into this disaster. So picture it, its 2005. I was about 18 years old (exposing my age here, smh). I was into Avril Lavigne, Britany Spears, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and the one and only BEYONCE!!!!! All of whom had BLONDE hair or highlights. It was totally a thing and I wanted in.......

Now mind you, I am a black girl with good ol' chocolatey skin!!!! I didn't want to do platinum, just maybe like a golden honey color to blend in with my naturally black hair. I know, girl! I know! It gets worse.

Anyway, I decided to go to my local drug store and purchase Ganier Nutrisse's highlights in a box.

So I came home, very excited about how my hair would look. I just knew i would look like all of my celebrity faves because I mean how hard can highlights be right?!!!!

NO SIS!!! JUST NO!!!! My hair was a DISASTER!!! Why because I left the color on WAY (*clap*) TOO (*clap*) LONG (*clap*). First of all, the highlights just look like I dyed all of my hair. I made them to dang chunky and then to add insult to injury........the front part of my hair was PLATINUM BLONDE!!!!!

WTF am I supposed to do with this platinum in the front, blonde in the middle, and like a golden blondish brown color in the back?!!!!! At the time, I was in college and at the prime age of going out, mmmkay?!!!! I couldn't be seen like this?!!!!

So I thought, should I just fry my hair and dye it back black or what do i do?!!!! When I tell you every style I wore until my hair grew out consisted of a swoop bang that started in the middle of my scalp sis?!! Mmm...mmm...mmm.......

Needless to say it grew out but I will NOT do that again. The moral of the story being; if you can afford to go to a beautician for your dye jobs, do so because sis was looking like a whole fool with platinum roots, blonde-ish streaks, and black hair in the back.

Have you ever had a hair tragedy before?! Let me know your thoughts.............

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