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Turn your house into a cozy cottage this Fall

It is no question that fall is officially in full swing!!!! I don't know about you but Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Between the crisp air in the mornings/evenings and the bearable 60 to 70 degree days, Fall is one of the perfect times of year to get out and enjoy life. One of my favorite things about fall is the cozy vibes from all of our Fall favorites. I mean what is not cozy about pumpkin spice?!

When we get those cool evenings, I think about staying indoors and making my space as cozy as possible for my family and my guest. Pillows are a great way to add that extra look

of cozy to your house. There is something to be had about layer of pillows on the couch or the bed that makes you want to sit of lay down. The key to this is getting pillows of different sizes. Setting up the bed or couch paired with a nice throw blanket helps create that cozy environment. The goal with the throw blanket is to make it look unintentionally placed. Also, having fall/muted earth tones will also

help to make the space look warm yet inviting. Colors such as brown, mustard, burnt oranges, tan, hunter green, or even cream just to name a few.

When I think of a warm fall night, I often think a lot about dim lighting and candles. Dim lighting can create an ambience in the room that makes the room feel warm. You can have a lamp bulb replaced with a yellow light instead of the bright white lights to make the vibe feel calm and well.......cozy.

If you do not want to change the bulbs in the your lamps or light fixtures, candles can give you that temporary look and feel. This can also be done any time of the year. Bonus if you are into scented candles. Just the scent alone can fill the room and make the house smell like pumpkin spice or whatever your favorite fall scent may be. Nothing a like a nice scent to make you feel warm.

We discussed throw blankets earlier and they are not just for decor. Throw blankets are the

decor pieces that serve a two fold purpose. I cannot speak for everyone but I remove my pillows so that my guest can have a seat. This also includes my throw blanket. If it starts to get chilly inside, my company can cover themselves in a cozy blanket and just feel right at home. Not to mention having some good food in their bellies and maybe some hot cider in tow set the mood up right. This is my favorite time of year. I love for my home to feel welcoming, warm, and inviting. Not just for my guest but for myself and my family.

What's some of your favorite decor pieces that help you feel cozy and right at home? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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