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Undertones?What's that about?!

Have you ever had a color that looked like it was made for you? Seems like every time you wear a certain shade, you get more compliments than usual? It could be because of your undertones. What's that?! You don't know what undertones are or how to find yours? Keep reading and we'll walk through it together.

What are undertones?

Undertones are the colors beneath the skins surface that affects your hue overall. Understanding your undertones will help you to pick out your perfect foundation, concealers, or even help to pick outfits that compliment your tone. Some colors make you look washed out while others enhance the glow of your natural hue and this is why.

Undertones are classified in three different categories: warm tones, neutral tones, and cool tones. Don't worry, we will break it all down.

How can I find my undertone?

Well, here are 4 easy ways to find your undertone range.

*Jewelry test: If you look good in gold or yellow gold chances are you have warm tones.

If you look good in silver, platinum, or white gold chances are you have cool tones.

If both shades of metal look great on you, consider yourself lucky! You have neutral tones.

*Sun reaction: Tan=warm

Burn= cool

Tan and burn = neutral

*White paper/shirt test: If you look more yellow or red: warm

If you look more rosy or pink: cool

*Vein Check: If you can see green or olive colors chances are you have warm undertones.

If you can see blue or purple colors then chances are you have cool undertones.

If you can see a blue or green colors then chances are you have neutral undertones.

Now that you know your undertone, here are some in depth suggestions on how to make that inner glow POP from the inside out.

Warm Tones

Warm tones are typically peachy, golden, or yellow.

Clothing: Earth tones typically look the best on warm tones. Colors such as gold, amber, warm reds (wine), mustard yellow, green, or brown just to name a few.

Jewelry: Rose gold, yellow, copper, and brass jewelry will accentuate your warm tone and compliment you.

Makeup: Again earth tones accentuate your hue. Corals, peach, gold, reds, browns, etc. If you are unsure of what foundation colors to choose from can be tricky. You may have a warm undertone but your don't want your foundation to have too much of a red or orange. This depends on your actual skin tone in conjunction with your under tone. Darker skin tones tend to have this issue. Talking to someone at the make up counter can help but sometimes (in my experience) they are not very experienced in black girl friendly shades. In my opinion, swatches will be your best friend.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are a mixture of warm and cool. You get the best of both worlds.

Clothing: Light peach, pinks, off-whites (ivory or vanilla colors), placid blues, and grays are really good complimentary colors for neutral tones.

Jewelry: You truly can't go wrong with either gold or silver. They will both look great on your skin tone. However, if you are adding stones to your jewelry, lavenders, light pinks, bright sapphires, and emeralds will steal the show.

Makeup: When it comes to foundation, you more so looking for the color that best matches your actual skin tone. You definitely do not want to look washed out or to orange by picking a shade with a visible under tone in it. When it comes to eyeshadows and lip colors, you look good in all shades. However, you stand out when you wear yellows or pastels.

Cool Tones

Cool tones are made up of pink, red, and blueish hues under your skin.

Clothing: Deep purples, emeralds, bright blues, soft pinks, etc. are AMAZING for cool tones.

Jewelry: Silver, white platinum, and white gold will always look stunning on people with cool under tones. If you opt for jewelry with gemstones, try ones with red, emerald, or sapphire.

Makeup: While foundation may be easy for those with cool tones to find, some shadows may leave you looking washed you out. I love a good smokey eye like the next gal but black and earth tones are not complimentary to your tones. Try going with a charcoal grey or maybe even a navy blue instead of the blackest of blacks to help accentuate your tone.

Hopefully this will help you to bring your best self the next time you are dressing up for a small party or a date night (SAFELY of course, because uh COVID is real sis). Either way, you will light up a room now that you get an idea of how to get those colors to work best for you.

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