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Well...Suit Yourself! Are the days of the Business Suit Numbered?

Growing up, we were taught that first impressions were EVERYTHING! We were less than enthusiastic to sit in our “Junior Achievement” courses in high school. While learning the importance of building a quality resume and talking points for job interviews, a common topic always stood out……the business dress code.

The standard business dress code was always the same and was made to be THE selling point for getting into the door. For men, business attire included a basic suit and tie. Men could also wear a dress shirt and a nice pair of slacks. The dress code for men has not really changed much throughout the years. For women, we remember being told to wear muted or basic colors along with little to no jewelry.

While dealing in a business setting, the less distracting your outfit can be, the better. This also still holds true today. Don’t get us wrong, first impressions are still everything however there’s no denying that some things have changed. Let's walk through a few of those changes and explore dress within the business world today.

The Past

Walking through the office felt very formal. From the 1930s to the 1960s the attire for business seems almost similar to the attire we would wear to a fancy nice out in today’s world. Men and women were dressed to the nines. From top hats for men to stockings and heels for women.

From the 1960s and onward, the business suit still held its professional weight however, designers were more creative with the use of patterns and vibrant colors. Those trends then tricked down from the runways and into boardrooms across the world.

The Present

Nowadays, the dress code in most office settings have become more relaxed. The term “business casual” was introduced giving businesses a slightly more relaxed dress code. In some offices this meant not having to wear a jacket and tie for men.

For women, several different items were now introduced as business wear and are allowed in the office. Items such as capri pants and in some offices non-ripped jeans. Although business casual dress still requires a professional look, it still isn’t the “dinner wear” formal office attire of the past.

The Future

In the future, we see some businesses relaxing even more. Throughout this current Covid 19 pandemic, several businesses have transformed their traditional brick and mortar offices into remote offices.

This has caused a lot of designers and retailers to create/sell comfortable yet professional attire to meet the needs of the new workplace. We have to agree that this new wave in business wear is exciting. Comfortable enough to relax at home but professional enough to sit through those awkward zoom meetings. We don’t just see this as a trend for the times that we are currently in. The relaxed office is the wave of the future for a lot of businesses.


When shopping around at stores both online and offline, we have noticed there is a shortage of stores that sell business attire. This is bittersweet for us because we love a good pantsuit however, we totally love the idea of comfort in a business setting. We are just hoping that retailers and designers won’t forget about business attire all together as we still feel the need to want to dress up every now and then. We have included a list of our favorite retailors who offer business wear but at an affordable rate.

Comment down below a few of your favorite retailers to purchase business clothes from.

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